The 2017 New Year's Day TV Schedule

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New Year's Day marks both the start of a new calendar and the end of the holiday season. If you're struggling after the evening festivities, or it has taken you this long to get sick of your family, you might be reaching for the remote on Jan. 1. Luckily, the 2017 New Year's Day TV schedule includes movies and marathons that everyone will love.

New Year's Day is a Sunday this year, so the prospect of staying in and watching TV all day isn't quite as exciting as it would be on a Monday or Wednesday. The Rose Parade isn't until January 2, but there's still plenty to check out on the big day. Most of the marathons this year are on cable networks. There's a lot of hockey and football on as well over on the major networks like CBS and NBC. Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to FOX at night, along with the premiere of The Mick. On ABC Conviction is back, as well as a Bachelor countdown special and the premiere of To Tell The Truth.

As for the New Year's Day marathons in question, here are a few to choose from whether you want to travel to a fantasy world, get hooked on a reality/competition series, or just laugh your way into 2017.


From 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. there's a Law and Order marathon (if SVU is more your flavor, head over to USA Network), and then movies that include Jack the Giant Slayer, the the first two movies in The Hobbit series, and The Polar Express.


Ring in the new year family style with the first five Fast and the Furious movies.


Walking Dead marathon! All day long. Great way to start the new year.

BBC America

You can engage with a Star Trek: Voyager marathon

Cartoon Network

On CN, you can watch Teen Titans Go! all day.


Say Yes To The Dress again and again and again.


There are two marathons running on Bravo — Top Chef in the morning and Real Housewives of Atlanta in the evening.


It's "old school Black Mirror" and my mom's favorite marathon of the year: The Twilight Zone.


Instead of a TV show, FX is marathoning the Hangover movies.


You didn't think that ABC Family Harry Potter marathons were going to end when the Network changed names, did you? It starts with Prisoner of Azkaban at 7 a.m. and skips Order of the Phoenix, but does include both parts of Deathly Hallows — fairly epic, if you ask me. Here's to 2017, may the batteries in your remote never die.