'Stranger Things' Fans Are LIVID Over These Golden Globes Snubs


If #JusticeForBarb has taught us anything, it's that Stranger Things has a fierce, opinionated fan base. And with awards season now officially upon us, there's bound to be some strong responses — beginning with reactions to Stranger Things' 2018 Golden Globes nominations (or in this case, lack thereof). On Monday, the series was nominated in two categories: Best Drama Series and Best Supporting Actor In A Series, Miniseries, or Television Film for David Harbour's performance as police chief Jim Hopper. That's a major win for Harbour, who didn't make the cut last year, but an unfortunate oversight for the rest of the cast.

So far, only four Stranger Things actors have been nominated at major ceremonies: Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven/Jane Ives), Winona Ryder (Will and Jonathan's mother, Joyce Beyers), Shannon Purser (the illustrious Barb), and Harbour were all in the running for Emmys last year, though they each ultimately lost. The only one to have taken home a big win is Brown, who nabbed Best Actor in a TV Show at the 2016 MTV Movie & TV Awards. Ryder, meanwhile, was previously the only cast mate to have been nominated at the Golden Globes. She was up for Best Performance In A Drama Series, which ended up going to The Crown's Claire Foy.

For many, that makes the show's 2018 Golden Globe noms an even bigger disappointment, because it means the Stranger Things cast still aren't getting the awards show recognition they deserve. Both Brown and Noah Schnapp (Will) — the latter of whom was largely absent from Season 1 — tackled bigger, meatier roles this time around, and the rest of the cast felt sharper, too. It's an admittedly crowded field, and the TV slate is packed with worthy contenders, but Season 2 upped the ante, and it feels like more acknowledgement should follow.

Alas, the Golden Globes has a quite limited number of TV categories, and once again, much of the Stranger Things cast didn't make the cut. In response, fans are split: Some are thrilled for Harbour, while others are furious about the rest.

There's A Little Pushback For Brown

This season, Brown pushed Eleven to new emotional depths. If her performance was worthy of an Emmy nod last year, it should be definitely be worthy of a Golden Globe nom this time around.

And The Show's Cast In General

Realistically, everyone involved deserves more credit, but there's just not enough to go around.

But Most Of The Outrage Is Focused On Schnapp

Schnapp stepped it up this season, and fans want to see him recognized.

Some Are Flat Out Angry

There's a lot of all caps action going on.

Others Are Confused


And This Person Just Wants A New Category For Steve

Here for it.

Meanwhile, Many Fans Are Ecstatic For Harbour

This marks his first Golden Globe nomination.

Cue The Hopper Dance

That's a meme Harbour is going to have a hard time living down. "I feel like I need to have some redemption in Season 3," he told Insider last month. "I want to really show people that I can actually dance."

And This Person Summed Up The Reactions Perfectly

It's a bittersweet day for the Stranger Things fandom.

Snubs aside, two nominations isn't bad, especially for a show whose success was so unexpected in the first place. Its second season far surpassed the notorious sophomore slump, and awards season is just beginning. More than likely, Stranger Things will rake in plenty of honors in the coming months, and if not, at least the cast can rest assured that the internet has their back.