The 21 Biggest Lies Donald Trump Has Ever Told

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While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has undoubtedly been dominating his party's primary elections, it's still a bit early for Americans to prepare themselves for four years of Donald Trump making State Of The Union addresses just yet. And if the presidential candidate and billionaire businessman doesn't quite make it to the White House, it could be said with some confidence that Trump has had more television time and attention in the last six months than any president has throughout an entire term. With that kind of talking time in the public sphere, the presidential hopeful is bound to make a few slip-ups when it comes to the facts — or maybe an endless number of slip-ups that could also be classified as blatant lies. So, without further ado, here are the 21 biggest lies Donald Trump has ever told.

Whether the topic of conversation was the country's current commander-in-chief, stats on U.S. crime, negotiations with other countries, or Trump's own business ventures, the Donald always had something to say on the matter. Those somethings just happened to be false a lot of the time. You could hand it to Trump for never being apologetic about his many untruths, or you could dig deep into finding out how bad a number of those lies were.

The latter sounds more fun.

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