The 25 Most Useful QVC Products You Can Get On Amazon That’ll Make Life Easier

QVC is a trusted shopping source for a lot of people — and a great way to kill some time and find some new products when you're watching TV. But you'd be surprised to find that you can get some of the most useful QVC products on Amazon, which is probably the easiest way to order anything.

Our favorite QVC items on Amazon are the kinds of products that make life simpler and make annoying tasks more convenient — from stellar beauty products that knock out multiple steps at once to clever household appliances that make it easier to maintain and clean your home. And what could be more simple than making one, full payment online, rather than having to worry about upcoming payments on your new heated brush?

The near-instant gratification of ordering something on Amazon is also definitely worth noting here. With lots of items shipped in two days, there's almost no waiting period for your brand new finds. Even the best TV shipping policies just can't compete with that.

The list of available products on a titan like QVC is almost endless, and an astonishing amount of those items are available online, but we've done the digging for you and discovered some of the most helpful and well-reviewed QVC products on Amazon.

by Emily Estep

1. This Folding Table You Can Prop Up Anywhere

Table Mate II Folding TV Tray, $35, Amazon

There's no end to what you could do with this folding tray, which adjusts to six different heights and three different angles for easier reading, eating, or working. It's got a built-in cup holder and the legs slide easily under chairs and tables so you can pull your workstation close to you. When you're not using it, it becomes flat and easy to store.


2. This Affordable Home Security System That Sends Videos To Your Phone

Blink Home Security Camera System, $99, Amazon

This home security system has a built-in motion sensor that, when triggered, will send videos to your phone and alert your smartphone. The Wi-Fi enabled cameras are wireless with a two-year battery life and are easy to install wherever you want them. It's got a live stream mode you can connect to if you want to check on pets. One reviewer writes: "Absolutely love this system and highly recommend it for anyone looking for an effective and economical home monitoring system. Configuration and installation of the system was relatively easy and quick. Image and sound quality is excellent."


3. This Convenient Spray That Prevents Bad Odors In Your Bathroom

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, $9, Amazon

This toilet spray eliminates bathroom odors before you go — just spray on top of the water and it creates an odor-trapping barrier on the surface of the water. It's made from natural essential oils, is completely safe for your septic system, and it's alcohol-free. It comes in a variety of scents, and reviewers love that all of them aren't heavy or synthetic.


4. This Flameless Candle That You'll Never Need To Worry About

Luminara Flameless Candle, $28, Amazon

This flameless candle was created by Disney for their Haunted Mansion — and because they're made from real paraffin wax and produce a flickering, moving flame, they look just like the real thing. They smell like vanilla, the battery life will last up to 400 hours, and it has a timer you can set so it turns off when you want it to. It can also be connected to a remote if you want to buy a number of them and turn them all off at the same time.


5. This Steam Iron That Irons Vertically And Doesn't Need Distilled Water

Rowenta Focus Micro Steam Iron, $74, Amazon

This steam iron gets all the wrinkles out of your clothes, whether they're draped across an ironing board or hanging on a hook. It also holds up to ten ounces of water at once, so you won't find yourself constantly filling it, and any type of water will do — even tap — because it has an anti-calcium system built in. The iron also has an automatic shut-off function, it's got a stainless steel plate and a precision tip that lets you iron hard-to-reach areas. Over 3,000 reviewers love this iron, saying things like: "This iron is as slick and stylish as a new car! It literally drives itself full steam ahead... sharp on the creases and smoothing the curves around collar buttons. If you are looking for reliability, professional steam action, self-cleaning, and a beauty that will endure for many years then get this model."


6. This Wrist Wallet That Has Room For All The Essentials

Sprigs Banjees Wrist Wallet, $22, Amazon

This convenient wrist wallet has room for your ID, keys, credit cards, headphones, and even your large smartphone. It's incredibly helpful when you don't want to carry a purse, but you'd still like to have a few essentials on hand. It's got a zip-up pocket and a fold-over pocket, a hole for headphone use, and a stretch fabric that will fit tight to any wrist. It's available in more than 25 designs, too, from solid colors to patterns.


7. This Brilliant Primer That's Also A Nourishing Serum

It Cosmetics Collagen Veil Primer, $47, Amazon

This collagen makeup primer functions both as a hydrating moisturizer and as a primer to prepare your skin for makeup, with 50 nourishing ingredients that prevent dryness. Collagen, niacin, vitamins, and other botanical extracts work together to improve your skin and make sure makeup stays in place all day, without feeling greasy. Reviewers love the citrus smell, how smoothly it goes on, and how little you need to use for it to work.


8. This Hair Towel That Protects Hair From Damage

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, $30, Amazon

This hair towel is designed to absorb moisture quickly and thoroughly while minimizing damage to your hair, which is particularly vulnerable to breakage when wet. The towel's soft design results in little to no friction, reducing frizz and the likelihood that your hair will break. It's great for curly hair, fine hair, and damaged hair, but it's big enough to wrap around long or thick hair.


9. The Blue Lipstick That Turns Your Lips A Berry Color

Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor, $21, Amazon

This universal lipstick that looks blue in the tube actually adapts according to the pH level of your skin and transitions into a berry color that flatters your own skin tone. The glossy formula is significantly long-wearing and ultimately wears away to a lip stain that sticks around even longer, and it's got Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate lips.


10. This Water-Activated Powder That Exfoliates Your Skin

TATCHA Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, $65, Amazon

This water-activated enzyme powder exfoliates your skin gently without irritating it. In addition to rice enzymes, the formula also includes papaya, and it's suitable for both normal and combination skin. One Amazon user raved that it's "a great product for keeping your skin soft and blemish free." It's also safe for sensitive skin as well.


11. This Super Comfy Bra That Allows You To Breathe

Breezies Microfiber Unlined Bra (34B-48DDD), $22, Amazon

This unlined bra is comfortable and breathable, with a microfiber knit, mesh back, and padded straps. The underwire is super secure and insulated to prevent poking or discomfort, and it's got cute lattice trim for a little-added touch. Reviewers say it's great in humid climates, and it comes in a variety of sizes and neutral colors.


12. This Shower Cleaner That You Don't Have To Scrub

Wet And Forget Shower Cleaner, $46 (2 Pack), Amazon

This vanilla-scented shower cleaning spray makes it easy to keep your shower or tub fresh and clean, without any scrubbing. All you do is spray it down about once a week and leave it be. A single bottle will last you twelve weeks, and its formula is free of bleach, ammonia, or any irritating fumes. Reviewers love that it gets rid of mold stains, hard water stains, and any irritating build-up.


13. This Cult-Favorite Pillow That Will Not Go Flat

My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow, $80, Amazon

The MyPillow is made to conform and adjust to your specific size and needs, no matter what position you sleep in. Each pillow is available in four different levels of firmness, and has over 4,000 great reviews on Amazon. You can put the pillow in both the washing machine and the dryer without causing it to lose its shape, and the pillow is made with three different types of fill to make sure you're getting the fluffiest pillow possible.


14. This Electronic Brush System That Deep Cleans Everything Off Your Face

Clarisonic Mia2, $169, Amazon

The Clarisonic is a staple for getting a deep clean without irritating your skin, thanks to its gentle bristles, and the Mia2 model can be set to two different cleansing speeds. It works six times better than just using your hands alone, and will soften skin and clear pores as it removes dirt and build-up. You can use any cleanser you want with the Clarisonic, so there's no need to change up your routine too much, and it charges with an included USB cord. One reviewer writes: "Great investment! This is the best way to get a nice facial, remove the dirt from your pores and keep your skin revitalized. I love this system!"


15. This Scrubbing Brush That's Uniquely Shaped And Washable

Scrub Mommy, $16 (3 Pack), Amazon

This cult-favorite sponge has a scrubbing side that is hard enough to rid pots and pans of stuck-on grime. While you've probably heard of the Scrub Daddy, this one is unique for the foam sponge on the flip side so you can use it for all your normal dishwashing needs. And just like the original, it still provides you with two finger holes, and you can clean utensils with the mouth. It creates a lot of foam from just a little soap, too, so you'll use less detergent.


16. This Surge Protector That Gives You More Outlets And USB Ports

360 Electrical Plus Rotating Outlets Surge Protector, $19, Amazon

This surge protector turns your regular old power outlet into four outlets that rotate, so you can fit larger plus and oddly-shaped plugs without getting in the way of the ones plugged in. It even has two USB ports to make it easier to charge your phone, is super easy to install, and reviewers love how it frees up so much more space to plug things in.


17. This Callus Remover That Comes With Bonus Cartridges

Emjoi Micro-Pedi Rechargeable Tornado Callus Remover, $35, Amazon

This callus remover gently and thoroughly buffs away calluses and dead skin from your feet in a matter of seconds with micro mineral particles. It comes with a few rollers for wider areas like the feet, and some precision cones for areas like the toes. It spins 360 degrees and 47 times a second to get every layer of dead skin off, and it's rechargeable, wireless, and comes with a pouch to keep everything together.


18. This Shiatsu Massage Pillow That Soothes Your Muscles

Homedics Thera-P Shiatsu Massage Pillow, $26, Amazon

This portable massage pillow has four rotating nodes that gently massage your neck and upper shoulders to loosen tired or sore muscles. It's also covered in plush fabric and mounted on a cushion, so you can use it while sitting or laying down. Reviewers also like to use it for their calves and legs to relieve muscle tension that way.


19. This Eyebrow Pencil That's Completely Sweat-Proof

BrowGal Skinny Eyebrow Pencil, $23, Amazon

This eyebrow pencil — which is available in six shades — includes a pencil, a spoolie, and a sharpener. It's completely sweat-proof and water resistant, and the harder pencil allows you to imitate real hair. The product blends right into your eyebrows for a natural look that lasts for hours, and the pencil is made of cedar.


20. A Sink Stopper That Protects Your Jewelry And Your Drain

Danco Disposal Genie, $10, Amazon

The Disposal Genie fits right into your sink drain to prevent silverware and other small items from falling down into the garbage disposal, while liquids and food particles move right on through. It also has a scraping tool at the end to help you clear dishes, and you can even toss it in the washing machine when it gets dirty over time. One reviewer writes: "The Disposal Genie won't let silverware or other smaller items into the disposal but lets food particles pass. I don't think I can ever live without this thing now that I know it exists!"


21. These Reusable Cloths That Only Need Water To Clean Any Surface

Supercloth, $24 (2 Pack), Amazon

The Supercloth is designed to clean almost anything with just tap water — no cleaning fluid required — and then you just throw it in the washing machine. It's completely safe to use on electronics, glass, furniture, stainless steel, and more without leaving streaks, spots, lint, or fingerprints behind. One reviewer writes: "Best cleaning product ever! I have a housecleaning business and this product works amazing on stainless steel as well as glass shower doors I would definitely recommend purchasing this."


22. This Multi-Purpose Pot That Takes Up No Space

Kuhn Rikon 12-Cup Burner Pot, $34, Amazon

This burner pot is tall and thing, and it's perfect for people who have less space in their homes — it can be used to cook stews, and soups, as well as pasta. It also comes with a steamer basket that helps steam vegetables evenly with consistent, distributed heat. Best of all, it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. It's got silicone handles that will keep your hands from burning, it holds three quarts, and it has interior fill marks for easy measuring.


23. This Device That Opens Any Type Of Jar Or Bottle

Kuhn Rikon Polka 5-in-1 Jar Opener, $22, Amazon

This jar opener is ideal for anyone who struggles with opening new jars, and its five-in-one design also opens beer bottles, pull tabs, plastic bottle caps, and small sauce bottles. Reviewers think that it's the best jar opener out there because it opens so many more things than a traditional jar opener: "Amazing little tool. Well designed. It not only opens jars with tight lids by allowing them to be twisted off, it also has two prongs to open the the heavy-duty pull-tops of some cans."


24. This Heated Brush That Keeps Your Hairstyle In Place

Perfecter Pro Grip Heated Brush, $100, Amazon

This heated round brush uses ceramic and ionic technology to produce consistent heat, so you can style your hair while you detangle it — and it adds a lot of body and shine. It'll give you volume or curls, works on all hair types, and has a sturdy handle that helps prevent your hand from getting burned. There are a few adjustable heat settings, and you can even straighten with this brush.


25. This Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat With Seven Textures

Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Mat, $25, Amazon

This cleaning mat is the perfect surface for washing makeup residue off any brush, with seven different textures that work with any type of brush you need to clean. It also has suction cups on the back, so you can secure it to your sink or another surface while you're working. One reviewer writes: "I love this mat so much, it has made cleaning my brushes so quick & easy."

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