The 3 Best Argan Oils For Hair

by Marshall Bright
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Argan oil is something of a miracle ingredient for hair, boosting shine and preventing heat damage, and the best argan oils for hair are even gentle enough to help soothe an itchy scalp. The luscious oil is rich in vitamin E, which may even help promote hair growth. Because it’s lighter than many other plant-based oils like olive oil, it absorbs easily into the hair for lustrous shine, with no greasy residue in sight.

On your quest to finding the right argan oil hair product for you, it helps to first decide whether you want a pure argan oil or an argan oil-infused blend that may offer additional benefits. Many blends are mixed to be less heavy, so even fine hair can enjoy the benefits, and most contain smoothing ingredients like silicones which also helps to lock in moisture and prevent frizz.

Additionally, be mindful of where “argan oil” is listed in the products. Because of its popularity, many brands are trying to capitalize on the trend by adding only very small amounts of argan oil in their products. To get the most benefits, look for products with argan oil listed higher up, since the most prominent ingredients will be listed first. I've also included a shampoo that's packed with the ingredient.

All of the products below come highly rated on Amazon and some come backed by hundreds of glowing customer reviews.


The Best Pure Argan Oil

This 100% pure, USDA-certified organic argan oil is a fantastic price for a sustainably harvested, cold-pressed product. The convenient pump bottle lets you apply a little to your fingers and work it through the hair shaft and tips for shine, or into the scalp for moisture. Pure argan oil has a light, earthy scent, but you can also add essential oils of your own (as long as you already know you don’t react to them). The oil can also be added to conditioners to make a deep conditioning mask, or used on the face, body, and nails.

"I absolutely LOVE this oil. So much. I add it to my daily moisturizer AND I add a few drops to my shampoo and conditioner, as well. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn’t cause any irritation and really does make my hair and skin feel hydrated," one customer wrote.


A Budget-Friendly Blend

A drugstore favorite, this blend contains many of the same ingredients of more expensive blends at a fraction of the cost. The costar ingredients, like smoothing silicones, are also used for their lightweight, non-greasy feel. This rich oil is especially good for dry and damaged hair. However, people wary of using silicone in their hair may want to stick to the 100% pure argan oil. If you are concerned about buildup, use a clarifying shampoo once a week if you are not already.

One reviewer wrote of this hair oil, "I have very dry curly thick hair. This oil has done wonders moisturizing my hair. Even though I have alot of hair, I don't have to use alot of this to achieve soft hair. Highly recommend."


The Best Blend For Fine Hair

Specially formulated for thin and light-colored hair, this argan oil blend is great if you think pure argan oil is too heavy for your strands. This lighter formula is also a great choice for not weighing down short hair. With a similar ingredient list to our top budget pick, it is balanced for an even more lightweight feel. This also features Moroccanoil's signature scent.

One fan commented: "I have long fine curly hair that tends to be a bit frizzy. Most leave in conditioners are too heavy and either weigh down my hair so much it isn't curly or leaves it greasy or both. The light formula is perfect. I comb it through my wet hair and can't tell it's there. really is conditioning and protecting my hair. My hairdresser noticed right away when I started using it, commenting on how soft and healthy my hair was."


Also Great: A Moisturizing Shampoo With Argan Oil

While few shampoos or conditioners list argan oil very high in the ingredient list, this argan oil-infused shampoo has the rare distinction of having it listed as the second ingredient. (The first is water!) This bottle can be used on all hair types and is especially nourishing for color-treated hair. The manufacturer recommends letting it sit in the hair for two to three minutes before rinsing off for best results.

Reviewers like that it's a great pick for scalp itching, with one in particular writing: "I have thinning, delicate hair, and have recently developed a dry, itchy scalp (but no dandruff). This shampoo solved the itchy scalp and gives my hair nourishment at the same time. There are no harsh chemicals to fade my color. I will definitely purchase again."

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