The 3 Best At-Home Keratin Treatments That Actually Work

For curly and wavy-haired girls that fancy straight looks and prefer to confine hair maintenance to their own bathrooms, there’s nothing better than keeping one of the best at-home keratin treatments that actually work on hand. Keratin treatments are forever trending in salons, but finding a great product you can take home with you isn’t always as easy.

A good keratin treatment will leave your hair smoother and healthier looking than before. But keratin treatments aren’t exactly one-size-fits-all. In fact, they’ve gained notoriety in the hair straightening community because of the vast — and slightly overwhelming — assortment of formulas available. Some treatments work specifically to hide damage, while others work in conjunction with additional ingredients that help smooth and straighten the hair for an extended period of time. These formulas can be harsh, but they can also be an effective way to straighten hair and save you from daily heat styling that can lead to serious damage. Some types include natural ingredients, which also help smooth the hair, making it more manageable.

Regardless of the formula you choose, make sure you have an aftercare plan ready and a friend handy for your treatment to ensure the ultimate salon experience.

1. An Argan Treatment Set For Smoother, Stronger Hair

This keratin treatment kit is formulated with rich proteins and amino acids that can target damage and smooth hair in one treatment. The formula contains argan oil, to help replenish and moisturize, as well as keratin and collagen to strengthen broken strands. Reviewers notice this product leaves hair prone to frizziness and humidity more manageable, which means less breakage from daily styling.

2. A High-Quality Treatment That Straightens Hair

For those looking for a home treatment that'll straighten, the photos of this keratin treatment speak for themselves. It’s designed to work quickly, without needing to leave the treatment in for several days or twenty-four hours. Depending on length, hair will be straighter after a few hours, according to the description and many Amazon reviewers. This treatment takes away frizz, hides damage, and leaves hair smooth for months.

3. A Formaldehyde- & Aldehyde-Free Treatment For Straighter Hair

This is a great keratin treatment option for anyone looking for alternatives to straighteners with formaldehyde and aldehyde in them. Even reviewers with fine-hair find this treatment to be super effective at smoothing the hair and hiding damage. This is a salon-like treatment for salon-worthy results.

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