The 3 Best Ballet Flats For Bunions


If you suffer from bunions, wearing the wrong type of shoes can add unwanted pressure or pain to the big toe area — and this means shoe shopping can be a challenge. To make your search for bunion-approved shoes a little easier, I've compiled a research-backed list of the best ballet flats for bunions. They've got podiatrist-recommended features that'll leave your feet feeling comfortable all day.

First, a little background: Wearing too-tight or too-narrow shoes can add pressure and worsen bunions. That said, a major factor to look for when choosing flats is a toe box that's wide and not pointed. Dr. Frank Sinkoe, an Atlanta-based podiatrist, agrees. What's more, he tells Bustle, limiting motion in the big toe joint can help with pain. How do you limit big toe movement? Opt for closed-toed shoes that cover the entire toe area. Dr. Sinkoe also recommends wearing supportive shoes for bunions, so it's a good idea to opt for extra support or padding in the insole.

All my picks, below, fit Dr. Sinkoe's guidelines: They're comfortable and supportive, and many offer wider toe boxes to minimize the risk of irritation. And just because they're good for your feet doesn't mean they lack style — I've included a range of cute options at various price points.

1. The Overall Best Ballet Flats For Bunions Considering Features, Reviews, & Quality

While Vionic's Spark Minna ballet flats are on the pricier side, at $120 a pair, they're the best choice if you're able to spend a bit more on a reputable brand. Vionic's shoes are specifically made to add extra support, alignment, and cushioning for chronic foot issues.

This leather pair features a rounded-toe (with a small bow at the end) and the brand's signature microfiber EVA footbed for superior comfort. It comes in 17 different color and pattern options and boasts more than 600 reviews on Amazon.

What fans say: "These are comfortable and very attractive shoes. They are the typical Vionic shoe that feels so good on your feet. Enough arch support and foot padding. The curve does not hurt if you have a cross over toe and it does not irritate my bunion."

  • Available sizes: 5 - 11

2. Budget-Friendly Flats That Are Still Plenty Supportive

For a more affordable option that still offers support, a pair of these flats by Cior will do. They're made with suede leather and have a rubber sole, but their a breathable inner lining and supportive footbed are what makes them great for bunions.

The rounded-toe design, which boasts a four star rating on Amazon, comes in 11 color choices and has a small, 1/4-inch platform on the heel to dress it up.

What fans say: "I bought these shoes to wear to Disney World for dapper day. They were comfortable. I had no blisters or sores. I was very surprised that they did so well, especially considering the low price."

  • Available sizes: 4.5 - 10

3. Comfortable Ballet Flats With A Foam Footbed & Stabilizing Straps

The Meree Madrine flats by Hush Puppies are a solid choice for a super-comfortable and supportive flat shoes at a moderate price. Made with suede-like leather and a rubber sole for added traction, this trendy option features a 1/2-inch platform on the heel and a slightly-beveled fit for better weight distribution while walking.

Inside, the flats have a removable EVA foam footbed that molds to your arch for a cushioned fit. Even better? The straps across the top offer even more support and stability. Get them in five colors including the pictured taupe shade.

What fans say: "They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. They’ll be good walking shoes year round."

  • Available sizes: 5.5 - 11

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