The 3 Best Bamboo Steamers

Bamboo steamers are great because they absorb moisture really well, keeping condensation from pooling up under the lid and dripping all over your food. But if you don't have one of the best bamboo steamers, you can end up with a soggy pile of shredded reeds after just a few uses. Cheap bamboo steamers tend to disintegrate quickly, so it's important to look for one that's well-built and extra durable.

For a durable steamer, the bamboo needs to be sourced from thick, high-quality reeds and woven together tightly to ensure that they don't unravel. They need to be strong enough to handle repeated soaking, steaming, and hand-washing without getting soggy and fraying. One of the best ways to get a sense of a basket's strength is to read the reviews—which I have already done for you to make your life simple.

Below, I compiled a list of the best bamboo streamers on Amazon (all of which I carefully vetted for durability, scanning dozens of reviews to find the ones that are the most well-loved). Additionally, all of my selections have sturdy lids that hold in steam well to properly cook your food. I've included a range of sizes (listed from the smallest to the largest) so you can find the best fit. I also included one of the best rice steamers out there, in case you're interested in whipping up some traditional sticky rice, too.