Slip No More! These Are The Safest Bath Mats For Inside Your Tub — & Here's Why


Slippery showers are bad news, and if you've got a two-in-one shower and bathtub situation, the best bath mats for inside the tub are a safety game changer. These grippy mats stick to the base of the tub and provide a textured surface that's a bit firmer to stand on.

Like any must-have product, there are a whole lot of bath mat options out there. Despite plenty of bath mats to choose from, Amazon reviewers have spoken: Firmer ones lined with suctioned grips reign supreme. Featuring antibacterial qualities, they're textured (to provide a stronger grip beneath your feet) and easy to rise clean (or even toss in the washing machine). While these mats come in a variety of sizes, from standard to extra long, you'll obviously get the most slip protection with one that covers the entire floor of your tub.

Ready to end the slippery madness? Here, find three top-rated bath mats for inside the tub — all under $20. Each has more than 3,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon so it's all about picking the one that best suits your needs. Note: If you use lots of bath oils, just know that they'll make any bath mat a little slippery.


The Overall Best Bath Mat For Inside The Tub, According To Reviewers

Size: 35 by 16 inches

Available colors: beige, black, blue, brown, green, clear, gray, light pink, pink, purple, rose, and snow

Why it's great: This antibacterial, BPA-free plastic bath mat from Gorilla Grip has 324 suction cups on the bottom for a secure grip. Its top is lined with holes to boost water flow, prevent mildew buildup, and give your feet even more traction. Some reviewers noted it has "a smell" when first unboxed. Though it's not toxic, Gorilla Grip does recommend machine washing the mat before using it. The best part is it's protected by a 10-year manufacturer warranty. No wonder it has nearly 5,000 reviews.

What fans say: "This bath may truly has hundreds of suction cups. This covers the majority of the tub bottom. It is super easy to place, move and remove. It stays put! I had one with less suction cups and it slid when I was standing on one foot shaving my legs. This does not move a millimeter! Highly recommend."


An Extra-Long Vinyl Bath Mat

Size: 40 by 16 inches

Available colors: clear blue, clear gray, clear purple, gray, Squra (transparent sea-foam green), transparent clear, white

Why it's great: Slightly longer than the Gorilla Grip option, above, this machine-washable Yimobra bath mat has fewer suction cups (200) but makes up for it with that extra tub coverage. With holes to keep the water flowing and prevent mildew, it's antibacterial and made out of eco-friendly vinyl. It has nearly 4,000 mostly glowing reviews, but if you're not totally satisfied? It's also protected by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

What fans say: "It doesn't budge when I step into the tub or while I'm in the shower or getting out, yet it pulls out easily when I take it out of the tub to dry out. So far it's proven to be a good product and an excellent buy."


A Rubber Bath Mat That Repels Water

Size: 16 by 28 inches

Available colors: one

Why it's great: Epica's bath mat, with more than 3,500 reviews, is made out of latex-free rubber — and because rubber repels water, it won't get slippery when it's wet. It has "hundreds" of suction cups and a hole-free, textured design on top. Like others on this list, it's machine washable to keep mildew at bay. Though this mat is only available in one color, the neutral tone is sure to go with any bathroom vibe.

What fans say: "This bath mat is perfect! It is comfortable to stand on, easy to pull up and rinse off after my shower and I hang it dry in between uses. I also followed the instructions and upon receiving it, washed it in a cold water cycle and then hung it dry and there was no residual odor from packaging and it being made of rubber."

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