The 3 Best Benzoyl-Peroxide-Resistant Sheets


Benzoyl peroxide may work wonders to keep skin clear of acne, but it can wreck havoc on fabrics and sheets, causing bleach stains and discoloration. Fortunately, there's no need to stick to plain white sheets if you use benzoyl peroxide as an active. Nowadays there are plenty of sheets in a range of colors that can resist all manner of stains — including those stains caused by creams and lotions with benzoyl peroxide. I've gathered the best benzoyl-peroxide-resistant sheets here, so you sleep without stressing about your bedding.

What should you look for? First and foremost, look for ones made of high-quality microfiber. As the name suggests, microfiber is constructed from tightly-stitched synthetic fibers that resist bleaching and staining, even when in direct contact with benzoyl peroxide. That means you can rest easy on any color sheets that you'd like, knowing that its bright hues won't fade or bleach the way they might otherwise with ordinary cotton sheets.

Best of all, you don't have to spend a lot to find a quality set of benzoyl-peroxide-resistant sheets, since they are generally very affordable. These sheets also don't skimp on softness and are even wrinkle-resistant, as well. This makes them a no-brainer to buy if you regularly apply benzoyl peroxide creams or lotions before going to bed.

Scroll down below to see my three picks for the best benzoyl-peroxide-resistant sheets you can buy.