The 3 Best Bottom-Loading Water Dispensers


Let’s face it, most of us don’t drink enough water. And while buying bottles of it by the case may be convenient, there’s a better (and more eco-friendly) way to get your eight-glasses-a-day. Water dispensers offer a great source of up to 5 gallons of clean, filtered water. Compared to their common top-loading counterparts, the best bottom-loading water dispensers work without the need to invert any large, cumbersome jugs. At first glance, the models look similar, but there are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for a bottom-loading water dispenser.

Surprisingly, dispensers don’t take up too much floor space, but depending on where you plan to place it, make sure you have adequate clearance to open the front panel. Since water dispensers need power to heat and chill water and operate a pump, check that there’s an electric outlet nearby, too.

When regularly cleaned and maintained, bottom-loading water dispensers should stay free of bacteria and germs for safe drinking. Some manufacturers have made cleaning even easier by offering self-cleaning features, though these come at a price.

For the most versatility, your dispenser should allow you to pour cold, room temperature, or hot water. Depending on the model, some have one universal spigot, while others have separate spigots for each temperature which can dispense water simultaneously.

The best bottom-loading water dispensers are a reliable way to get clean, filtered water on call, whether you use them at home or in the office. Keep scrolling, I've gathered them up below.