For A Snug Fit & Plenty Of Protection, These Are The Best Boxing Gloves For Women

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To protect your hands and wrists when hitting a heavy bag or during any other type of boxing session, a pair of well-fitted gloves are essential. In most ways, the best boxing gloves for women are the best boxing gloves in general. However, since women tend to have smaller hands, it's important to consider sizing when making your purchase. "Boxing gloves are made with an internal component called the hand cage. This is the portion of the glove that directly cradles your palm. Because woman tend to have slimmer hands, these cages are often smaller when made for women," explained Rubie Canton, Shadowbox Chicago founding instructor and instructor development officer, in an interview with Bustle.

"I actually wear 'men’s' gloves and I do not have an issue with the fit, even though I do have smaller hands! The weight of the gloves (i.e. 12 ounce, 14 ounce, 16 ounce, etc.) will always remain the same regardless of whether the gloves are made for men or women," wrote Casey Barnett, a USA Boxing amateur fighter, trainer at EverybodyFights in Philadelphia, and a doctor of physical therapy, in an email to Bustle. When it comes to picking a pair, though, make sure to look at the sizing chart to get the best size for you.

So what qualities should you look for in a glove? When it comes to the closure, while many experienced fighters opt for a lace-up glove, a Velcro closure is the most convenient and the best choice for beginners, according to both Canton and Barnett. You'll also want all-around wrist support and strong padding on the knuckles to absorb shock. It's also important to look for an interior to the glove that's flexible. "You want to be able to make a fist when you punch, so if the glove is too stiff, it makes it difficult to punch with a closed fist," Barnett explained.

One thing to avoid though? MMA-style gloves for boxing, since they might not provide enough protection, according to Barnett.

When it comes to hand protection, it's also important to wrap the hands and wrists properly to avoid strain. Below, find the best boxing gloves on Amazon, as well as a quality pair of wraps.


The Best Overall

This fan-favorite gloves with a 4.5-star rating checks all the boxes including having a large Velcro and elastic wrap-around wrist closure, and an interior that's flexible with mesh for breathability. Plus, its sturdy padding is a favorite of trainer Casey Barnett's. "I really like the Venum boxing gloves' triple-density foam to absorb the blow of my punches against the heavy bag," Barnett noted.

They are made of a high-quality synthetic leather material. Plus, these are available in a range of colors and sizes, with an easy-to-navigate size chart.

  • Weights available: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 ounces

Fans say: "I love venum gloves. They fit much better than other expensive brands. They are just more comfortable. I have tried on a lot. They aren't the most durable materials, but they are just so dang comfortable. I am a girl with small hands and these fit me fine!"


The Runner-Up: A Snug Glove Designed Specifically For Women

Made with layered foam and designed for comfortable fist closure, these boxing gloves from Everlast allow you to punch easily and comfortably. The 12-ounce styles were even specifically created with women's hands in mind. No matter the size you choose, there's a wide and secure wrist strap closure, and the exterior is made with quality synthetic material. These provide a more snug fit than many other styles out there making them a great pick if you often find your hands floating in gloves, but also a little tight for some.

  • Weights available: 12, 14, and 16 ounces

Fans say: "These are great training gloves especially for the price. This is my third pair of gloves that I have owned and by far the best. What sets them apart though is something that some might find to be a problem- the fit and feel of 'powerlock'. [...] for me they felt almost as good as a lace up! My hands are fairly average for a woman but my wrists and forearms are on the larger side. These fit the way I'd like them with wraps."


The Best Budget Glove

For a snug Velcro closure and solid padding at a fraction of the price, consider these Amazon best-selling gloves with a 4.5-star overall rating. Made with combination EVA and rebound foam, they're a budget pick that still gets the job done with a flexible synthetic leather exterior and comfy curve-shaped and mesh-lined interior.

"My trainer at kickboxing actually uses these so, that was good enough for me," one customer noted. However, some customers warn that these don't provide the most knuckle protection during heavy bag work.

  • Weights available: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 ounces

Fans say: "So far they were very affordable and have been great for me as a beginner, and my trainer gave them a thumbs up! They fit very comfortably, with the adjustable wrist bands [...] The weight is fine for me as a moderately fit lady. I don't pack the most powerful punch (yet), but I feel confident that they will last well."


Also Great: Breathable Cotton Hand Wraps

"You could have the best gloves in the game, but if your hand wrapping is sub-par, you risk straining/spraining the structures of the wrist and hand," noted trainer Casey Barnett. For a quality wrap, start with a breathable material that offers plenty of flexibility like these cotton-and-nylon-blend wraps from women-focused boxing brand Society Nine. At 180-inches long with an easy-to-use velcro closure and mesh travel bag, it provides everything you need and are long lasting, all for a fair price.

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Casey Barnett, trainer at EverybodyFights, USA Boxing amateur fighter, and a doctor of physical therapy

Rubie Canton, Shadowbox Chicago founding instructor and instructor development officer