No Matter How You Slice It, These Are The Bread Knives Home Chefs Swear By (& They're All On Amazon)


Beginner and pro chefs alike know the importance of owning the proper kitchen tools, and bread knives are no exception. In fact, the best bread knives are a lot more versatile than you may realize. Featuring a grippy handle with serrated blades (that are at least 8-inches long), these knives will not only create clean slices though the hardest of crusts, they are also capable of tackling softer loaves and cutting squishy tomatoes or leveling off layers of cake. To figure out which bread knife is right for you, though, keep the following tips in mind when shopping.

Blade Shape & Style

For most people, a traditional serrated knife with pointed, sharp teeth along one side of the edge of the blade will work well to "bite" into hearty breads like a baguette without tearing. While high-quality serrated models are typically also able to manage cutting delicate loaves like challah or brioche, some may prefer a gentler, more rounded (half-moon-shaped) scalloped blade to ensure those tasks are done with as few crumbs and mess as possible.

In terms of blade style, choosing between a straight and curved design will come down to personal preference, however, some experts maintain that the latter gives you the ability to use it in a rocking motion, which is helpful when slicing softer items.

Blade Length & Material

A blade length of 8 and 11-inches will be appropriate for most uses as it's large enough to give you coverage across a wide, round loaf of bread (so each slice can be made in one, smooth motion), but also still allows for control if you want to use it on smaller foods like tomatoes.

Most of these tools are crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, which makes them more durable and gives them a razor sharp edge.

No matter how you slice it, there's sure to be a serrated bread knife that's perfect for you. Keep scrolling to find the best ones you can buy on Amazon.

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The Overall Best Bread Knife: Victornix Fibrox Pro Curved Serrated Bread Knife

This 10.25-inch Victorinox bread knife has also earned it's fair share of Amazon fans (it has an average 4.8-star rating from more than 1,500 users), with one reviewer calling it "the perfect bread knife." Several industry experts also agree: "It saws through tough loaves of bread with clean precision and leaves the crust and crumb intact no matter how thin the slices," according to Wirecutter, who ranked it as their top pick in their roundup of best serrated knives. The thin, lightweight high-carbon stainless steel blade is notably curved, which means it can also be used to cut delicate fruits and vegetables with a rocking motion, something that most straight bread knife blades cannot do equally as well. Several Amazon fans also report that though the Fibrox handle is not the most "aesthetically pleasing," it makes it super grippy and the knife very easy to handle.

This tool also comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in smaller 7 or 8-inch sizes, as well. Though it is technically dishwasher safe, the brand still encourages users to wash it by hand with a soapy cloth and then dry it immediately afterward.

Helpful review: “This is a great serrated knife. It minimizes crumbs, cuts all breads cleanly and with ease; it also does a great job cutting soft fruits like tomatoes and effortlessly slices sandwiches in clean halves without crushing the bread to a paste or squirting ingredients out the sides. Reasonably light in the hand, but feels solidly made."


The Most Affordable Bread Knife: Mercer Culinary Millennia Bread Knife

This 10-inch Mercer bread knife is a great option for a serrated bread knife that boasts a lot of value for its price. It's constructed from one-pice, high-carbon Japanese steel with a sharp, wavy blade that can easily cut through tougher breads. The ergonomic handle also has texture along the sides to help you better grip the knife. Plus, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, making it guaranteed to last a long time if properly maintained. After each use, the brand recommends hand-washing it in warm soapy water an drying it with a soft towel.

If the 10-inch size isn't right for you, it also comes in 8, 9, and 12-inch versions.

Helpful review: “Wow! I don't often give a raving review but, this knife is the best serrated blade I've ever purchased. I finally used it to cut a rustic loaf of French bread for dinner, is literally glided through the loaf like it was butter."


The Best Scalloped Bread Knife: Shun Classic Bread Knife

For a beautifully designed bread knife with a scalloped edge, look no further than this investment-worthy Shun classic bread knife. Reviewers report that slicing bread with this knife is like cutting through butter. Unlike the pointed teeth of a serrated version, this 9-inch knife has scalloped ones which are more curved and thus can tackle slicing both crusty and soft breads (and even cakes) with equal precision.

The handcrafted high-carbon stainless steel Japanese blade is made with the brand's proprietary VG-MAX cutting core and Damascus layering technique, giving it a rust-free finish and improved durability. It also boasts an ebony handle that is made of a water-resistant combination of engineered wood and resin that helps contribute to the overall lightweight feel of this knife. Like the other picks above, this one is also hand-wash only and should be towel-dried immediately.

Helpful review: "Believe all the positive reviews. This is an amazing bread knife. I bake bread every week and finally got tired of my old, cheap bread knife mangling my beautiful loaves. Yes, this knife is expensive, but if you use it on a daily basis, you will appreciate its value. It’s a joy to handle, VERY sharp (be careful when you’re cleaning it), and can cut thin slices without tearing the bread. I LOVE IT."