If You Have Lower Back Pain, These Car Seat Cushions Make Drives Much More Comfortable


If lower back pain makes sitting in a car painful or uncomfortable for any length of time, utilizing a seat cushion can help. The best car seat cushions for lower back pain provide ample lumbar support and pain relief by helping to ease pressure on your lower back during drives. They're also typically made of memory foam and have ventilation to prevent a buildup of sweat or moisture. And, as a bonus, using a cushion can also help improve your posture as well as circulation to your back while you sit.

When shopping for a seat cushion for your car, you'll want to consider a few things before you buy:

  • Size and shape: When it comes to car seat cushions, one-size doesn't necessarily fit all. So, it's important to measure the dimensions of your car seats before ordering to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Material: While most cushions sport fabric covers, some more luxurious car seats come with leather covers to better match your car's interior.
  • Price: As with any purchase, paying a bit more money up front will get you a higher-quality cushion. But, if you're wary of investing in a top-tier cushion, keep in mind that most car seat cushions are versatile and can also be used in your office chair or in your home.

Scroll down for my three picks for the best car seat cushions for lower back pain that you can buy.


The Overall Best, All Things Considered

This lumbar support cushion checks all the boxes. Made of high-quality memory foam that won't flatten out over time, this cushion adds significant lumbar support to car seats. It also comes with two straps to better position the cushion in the car seat and prevent it from moving around. Made with a breathable, zippered mesh material, the cushion's cover is easy to remove and wash whenever you want. Plus, you can choose from eight different color options, from more basic colors like black and gray to vibrant pink, purple, or blue. What more could you want from a car seat cushion for such a reasonable price?


The Most Affordable

Like all of the best car seat cushions for lower back pain, this lumbar pillow is made with quality memory foam support and comes with an adjustable elastic strap to help keep it in place. However, where it differs from other options is its cover. Available in black only, the cover is made with a solid fabric, instead of mesh, which may make the cushion more sensitive to extremely hot temperatures (and to your back, if you tend to overheat). However, for the very affordable price point, this cushion is still a steal that will relieve back pain quick and easy. One reviewer gushes, "I have lower back problems. This provides great support for every kind of chair when working at my computer, and when in car passenger seat. Not too bulky to carry into restaurant. I like that it has adjustable strap for back of seat. Price is very reasonable."


The Upgrade

While more expensive than the other choices on this list, the cover of this memory foam cushion is made from genuine leather with a mesh design for better ventilation. That means if you have leather interiors, this one is the most discreet. Its ergonomic design helps provide support to your lower back and the curve of your spine. Plus, the cover is removable in case you want to gently wash it (with a cloth, since it is true leather).

And, if you want to complete your set, you can also pick up matching headrests, a side pillow, or even seat belt padding. One fan raves, "We have a 2008 Honda Accord. We love the car for so many reason, however, the seats are horribly uncomfortable for your lower back.These back support cushions are great. You pop them onto the seat and sit back in comfort. Problem solved. Helpful."

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