These Are The Cheapest Litter Boxes You Can Buy — That Still Get The Job Done


As any cat owner knows, some litter boxes can be pricey, with top-tier options costing as much as $500. Luckily, the best cheap litter boxes out there will still get the job done without breaking the bank.

For the absolute cheapest option (that isn't just the floor), opt for the Petmate Hi-Back Litter Pan, which you can get for just $7, and features a low front that makes it easy for a cat to climb into, and a high back to contain any messes. At such an affordable price, you won't find a better bare-bones option for your feline friend.

However, if you're willing to spend a little more, there are litter boxes with additional features, like hoods to contain both the mess and odor that accompanies traditional boxes. And, for one tier higher (and just an extra $30), you can get a self-cleaning litter box that features a non-electric mechanism that cleans the litter for you.

But whether you're looking for a covered option, one that cleans itself, or the most affordable on the market, you'll find the right option for you and your cat on this round-up of the best cheap litter boxes. What are you waiting for? Scroll.


The Absolute Cheapest At $7

Thanks to the high-back and high-wall design, this affordable litter box easily prevents messes from scattering outside the box. Its sloped design also provides a lower entrance that makes it easy for your cat to enter and exit. And thanks to the Microban material – which helps prevent odor-causing bacteria as well as staining – you won’t have to worry about embarrassing or unpleasant smells whenever you have guests over. Available in six different colors as well as two different sizes (large or jumbo), this litter box will keep your home fresh and your cat happy while barely making a dent in your wallet.


The Best Covered Box

This covered litter box is made from a stain-resistant and odor-resistant polypropylene plastic that’s incredibly easy to clean — simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. There’s also a snap-on hood that will give your cat the privacy they love, while helping to contain litter inside the pan at all times. The plastic swinging door makes it easy for your cat to hop in and out of the litter box, and the hood is removable for easy clean-up. If you’re super concerned about odors, this litter box also comes with an onboard replaceable carbon filter that traps and reduces odors, so your home can maintain a fresh aroma at all times. For this price, you won’t find a better covered litter box out there.


The Best Self-Cleaning

With no electricity needed, this self-cleaning litter box separates clean litter from waste in the simplest way possible. Simply roll the litter box to the right until the top touches the floor, and a patented grill inside the box will separate clean litter from waste by depositing the clumped litter into a pull-out tray. All that’s left for you to do is toss the remnants from the tray directly into the trash. Your cat will love it for the extra privacy they get from the cover, and you’ll get to experience a litter box that fans described as a “lifesaver” and “the best litter box ever.”


You'll Also Need: A Litter Box Cleaner That Only Costs $4

For the most affordable litter box cleaner, you can pick up this Fresh Step litter box cleaning spray for just $4. This spray is odor-eliminating and powerfully cleans litter boxes to make them look like new. Best of all, reviewers are quick to note that it doesn't have an overwhelming scent, and it can easily clean even the dirtiest litter boxes.

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