The Coffee Grinder You Should Be Using If You Have An Aeropress


It might be simple to operate — pour hot water over coffee grounds, stir, and press — but the AeroPress requires a very specific grind size to produce the smooth, rich coffee it’s famous for. And as any coffee purist knows, to get the most from your coffee beans, you should be freshly grinding them at home. With so many coffee grinders to choose from, here are a few things to keep in mind when buying one of the best coffee grinders for AeroPress.

According to the company website, the AeroPress works best with espresso or fine drip coffee grounds. For this reason, you'll want to buy a burr grinder. Burr grinders crush coffee beans into uniformly sized coffee granules for any type of coffee preparation, from fine espresso to coarse grounds for French press. Steer clear of blade grinders that chop coffee beans and can result in an inconsistent grind size.

Since the AeroPress only requires a spoonful of grinds for a single serving of coffee, a compact manual grinder that produces smaller quantities will do the trick. A manual grinder is also great for people who travel or go camping with their AeroPress. On the other hand, if you make multiple cups of coffee and prefer hands-free versus manual grinding, you may want to invest in an electric grinder for fast, precise grinding results.

The three best coffee grinders for AeroPress, below, all deliver the perfect grind size for the best cup of coffee.


The Best Manual Grinder: A No-Frills Coffee Grinder That Can Make Smaller Quantities

Just as the AeroPress is an affordable way to make a cup of coffee, this JavaPresse is also a budget-friendly coffee grinder at $24. Similarly, if you appreciate the AeroPress’s portability, the JavaPresse is a natural companion with its compact 7.5-inch height and minimal 9.4-ounce weight. This coffee grinder is operated manually by turning a hand crank and has 18 different grind settings that can be selected on a dial on the ceramic burr conical grinder. And, when compared to electric grinders, the JavaPresse is up to 90 percent quieter, so you won’t risk waking sleeping roommates or campground neighbors. The JavaPresse is encased in durable brushed stainless steel that doesn’t scream coffee grinder if left on the counter. But thanks to its size, it can just as easily be stored out of sight in a drawer. Among the more than 5,000 Amazon reviews, many fans praise the JavaPresse’s ability to grind excellent espresso-size grounds.

What AeroPress owners say: "This coffee grinder is ideal for my Aeropress and hand-held espresso machine. I no longer use my burr grinder as this manual one does a much better job with the grind level and consistency. It does take a little work to grind it, but good things in life shouldn't always be easy or automatic. Put in the'll be glad you did once you're enjoying a hot cup of Joe!"


2. The Best Electric Grinder: A Splurge-Worthy Burr Coffee Grinder For Your AeroPress

The Baratza Encore is the best electric coffee grinder for the AeroPress and a worthy investment for any coffee lover. This is also the best choice if you brew more than one cup of coffee for yourself or someone else every day, or like to change up your coffee routine and brew with different methods. Where a manual grinder may require some trial and error to find the right grind size, the Baratza takes the guesswork out of the process and comes with 40 different grind settings on its burrs. Changing the grind size is as easy as rotating the upper chamber, which clicks between levels, and the power can be operated with either a pulse or on-off switch. And even though the hopper can hold 10 ounces of whole coffee beans — convenient for large-volume preparations like automatic drip machines — it has a small footprint for an electric grinder and takes up minimal counter space.

What AeroPress owners say: "Why did I wait so long??? I’ve been using it daily for a week now and it’s wonderful. The consistency of the grind is excellent and I have never had a better cup of aeropress than with this grinder. So happy!"


3. The Most Affordable Electric Grinder: A Portable Electric Grinder For Your AeroPress

Measuring approximately 9.5-inches tall and 3.5-inches wide, this handheld electric grinder from Brim offers the portability of a compact grinder with electric power. The grinder’s petite hopper holds 30 grams of coffee beans, sufficient for the small volume needed for a single serving from the AeroPress. You can select between nine different grind sizes by turning the grinder on its base, sizes ranging from fine espresso to coarse French press. Brim’s burr grinder is made from stainless steel and operates at a lower speed than other electric grinders, which protects the coffee beans from heating up during grinding, thus maintaining their flavor and freshness. Due to the narrow neck of the collection bin, some reviewers note that it can take some practice to empty it neatly without spilling grounds. But when its space-saving size is concerned, one reviewer called the Brim “best friends” with the AeroPress.

What AeroPress owners say: "Bought this grinder hoping to have a smaller, countertop grinder to use mainly with my Aeropress. It works great, as advertised: grinds consistently on all settings and can be used for French press, Aeropress, drip and espresso."

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