The 3 Best Coffee Grinders For French Presses


French press devotees know that a consistent grind size is the key to making delicious coffee from this seemingly simple process. But finding a coffee grinder that can turn out perfectly sized coffee granules is not such an easy task. The best coffee grinders for French presses have a few things in common.

To get the precise grind required for making coffee in a French press, invest in a burr grinder versus a blade grinder. How they work: Blade grinders function like food processors and chop, rather than grind, coffee beans. In contrast, a burr grinder crushes coffee beans to uniform size through two discs or cones with precise ridges. Blade grinders tend to produce an inconsistent grind that is too fine and will clog the filter of your French press, making it hard to plunge and producing muddy coffee. By opting for a burr grinder, you'll get rich, consistent coffee without clogging your press.

Next, decide if you want an electric or manual grinder. One offers convenience but takes up a bit more space, while the other is more portable and good for people who don’t mind a little hands-on work. One thing to note: To ensure its lasting performance, your grinder should be cleaned regularly. Look for a grinder with a burr mechanism that is easily accessible or removable for easy cleaning.

To guide you in your search, I've picked out the three best coffee grinders for French presses, below.