These Ingenious Coffee Makers With A Grinder Will Simplify Your Mornings


If you want the rich flavor of freshly ground coffee in every single cup that you brew and save a ton of space and hassle in the process, you need one the best coffee makers with a grinder on your kitchen countertop. These grind-and-brew coffee makers will save you precious time and make your whole morning routine a lot easier.

When you’re shopping for the best coffee maker with grinder, you should consider both the coffee maker style and grinder type. While a drip coffee maker is the most common type, you can also get sets with an espresso maker and grinder together so you can me café drinks at home.

The grinder types you'll encounter vary between burr to blade grinders. Burr grinders grind the coffee more uniformly for a smoother cup while blades quickly chop coffee into more random sizes which can sometimes taste stronger. However, blade grinders generally take up less space and cost less. Some of these units also include additional features like grind settings, programming, and even froth-making attachments.

I’ve researched the top-rated coffee makers on Amazon and rounded up the best coffee makers with grinder, whether you’re looking for a no-brainer solution for your cup of joe in the mornings or a unit that will let you make a cappuccino.


The Best Coffee Maker With Grinder For Most People

The Cuisinart Grind & Brew will fit the needs of most people: to make a really good cup of coffee and have enough features that it's easy. This coffee maker combo features a built-in burr grinder with a hopper that can hold up to 8 ounces of beans. Better yet, it comes with grind settings so you can choose to grind for 2 to 12 cups of coffee at a time. If you prefer a particular coffee strength, there’s an optional setting to make your brew as milder or more intense.

You can also program this unit to have your coffee brewed and waiting for you in the morning with its 24-hour setting option. Plus, there’s a brew pause option to get a quick caffeine buzz before the pot is finished brewing. The carafe is double-wall insulated to keep your coffee warm from hours after it’s done too.

This coffee maker also comes with a permanent filter but you could also use paper filters if you'd prefer. The only downside to this coffee maker is that it takes a little bit of effort to thoroughly clean and it's not the cheapest choice.

What fans say: “So far it's the freshest brew I've had from a home unit. Beans freshly ground every time. Unit pre-warms the pot, but then shuts off right after brewing no more over cooked coffee! It keeps the coffee hot for hours.”


The Best K-Cup Alternative

If you’re in a rush and only need one cup of joe for the road, the Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker is a great option. This single-serve coffee maker is a great money-saving alternative to Keurig models that require expensive refills.

It uses the drip process for brewing and works with pre-ground coffee, or for a fresher cup, you can grind your own coffee beans with its built-in blade grinder. There’s also a travel mug included that’s double insulated, making it ideal for your commute. This grinder combo can make up to 16-ounces. However, there’s no brew strength control, filter, or programmable features with this maker, but if you want a quick coffee fix in the morning, the price is right.

What fans say: “Does a great job of brewing, and the included 16 ounce coffee mug is well built and reliable.”


A Coffee Machine With Grinder And Frother For Espresso, Cappuccinos, And More

When you are willing to do a little more work for a café-style drink, the EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine is a great choice that includes all the pieces you need to get started. This set comes with a grinder, frother, and other accessories so you can make espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, and more. The grinder, however, is a separate blade grinder, not a burr, so it might not produce the highest quality of ground coffee.

You also get measuring spoons and a tamper to help you get the right amount of grounds into the unit. There’s a stainless steel milk frothing cup included for making the perfect latte as well. With its quick-heating technology, it ready to brew a shot of espresso in less than 45 seconds. And you never have to worry about whether or not you unplugged it with its automatic shut-off that activates after 25 minutes of inactivity. As an added bonus, this set includes two espresso cups to get you started right out of the box.

What fans say: “The espresso brews hot and with lovely crema and the milk frother is efficient and gives me plenty of well-warmed foam.”

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