The 3 Best Color-Correcting Primers For Redness


There are dozens of possible causes behind red skin: rosacea, dermatitis, the hot weather, acne ... the list goes on. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with it — in fact, it's quite common — some of us still might prefer to conceal it for certain occasions. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a primer, since it's fast-acting and can also be used to help conceal more targeted redness, like inflamed pimples. The best color-correcting primers for redness will typically be tinted green, since green neutralizes red, being on the opposite sides of each other on the color wheel.

While darker skin tones are susceptible to rosacea and flushing too, redness typically shows up — or is at least much more visible — on lighter skin tones. If redness is an ongoing issue for you, consider trying an anti-redness moisturizer or serum, which you can use in conjunction with your primer. Keep in mind, if your redness appears to be severe, you should see a dermatologist in case it's the symptom of an underlying medical issue.

For just day-to-day, occasional redness, however, these three color-correcting primers will help keep it under control. Use them as the first step in your makeup routine, and follow up with foundation or tinted moisturizer, since they might appear too green to be worn on their own.


Best Drugstore Pick: NYX Studio Perfect Primer

According to Amazon reviewers and Redditors, NYX's Studio Perfect Primer in green is the best of the drugstore bunch. In addition to helping tone down redness, it creates a smooth base so your makeup goes on more evenly and lasts longer throughout the day. Reviewers do report that it's much better as a primer than it is as a color-corrector, so you'll likely want to want to use it in conjunction with foundation or concealer.

"It makes my skin feel like silk," writes one reviewer. "The feel of this product on my fingers is silky. After I apply it to my face, my skin is SO smooth, I've never felt anything like it before ... It's rather amazing and unexpected. It is not sticky or oily at all."


Best Mid-Range Pick: PÜR Correcting Primer

Another recommended pick by Reddit's r/SkincareAddiction community, PÜR's Correcting Primer neutralizes redness, blurs the appearance of pores, and leaves skin looking silky and smooth. On its own, skin will look more even, though you can also wear it under foundation for an airbrushed effect. Amazon reviewers report it's one of the more lightweight formulas they've found, and that it doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or greasy.

"This primer feels like sheer silk going on. It is surprising to me that it can seem so light but make such a difference. I don't think any makeup or correcter [sic] can give perfection, but this makes a significant difference in the redness on my face," writes one reviewer, while another says it works "like magic."


Best High-End Pick: Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Redness Correcting Primer

The overall most widely-recommended color-correcting primer is Make Up For Ever's Step 1 Skin Equalizer Redness Correcting Primer. The creamy formula is absorbing and easy to blend, and in addition to cancelling out redness, it also helps mattify skin, keeping it from getting as oily throughout the day. The only downside is the price point — but if you can swing it, it's well worth the splurge.

"Corrects my redness and feels great. I use it every day and love it!" writes one reviewer. Despite its small appearance, another says, "The tube lasts a long time — I will buy it again."

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