If You Do CrossFit, These Strong Jump Ropes Will Help You Crush Your WODs


Whether you’re a bonafide CrossFit junkie or you’re just starting to dabble in the sport, one thing is sure: You will definitely be doing a lot of jump roping. There are double unders, triple unders, jumps with twists, and a million other variations. The cardio workouts can be grueling at times and your WODs will be infinitely more bearable (well, as much as the word “bearable” can be applied to CrossFit) if you have a decent rope to work with. But what specific features factor into the best CrossFit jump ropes?

First of all, they should spin smoothly and freely without catching. It’s hard to nail a new personal record if you can’t getting your rope twirling easily. For this, look for ropes with sturdy, well-designed ball-bearing systems and handles that facilitate tangle-free motion. If speed is a factor for you, you’ll also want to make sure the rope can whip around quickly and efficiently.

Secondly, look at the materials. Your CrossFit rope should be made of well-built plastic, PVC, or other materials that won’t break when the rope slaps the floor. Make sure the handles have some sort of foam or soft-grip material to prevent your hands from getting chafed or sore. Lightweight materials will also keep your wrists from getting tired quickly.

To help you find the perfect choice for your next session, I’ve gathered the three best CrossFit jump ropes.


The Overall Best Jump Rope For CrossFit

This popular CrossFit jump rope features a polymer-coated speed cable for swift turns and soft, cushioned handles that are constructed with memory foam. The quickly-rotating cord is propelled by a high-quality ball-bearing system that spins it fast while ensuring it doesn't tangle. It can be adjusted to fit anyone ranging from 5 foot 1 inch to 6 foot 8 inches in height, so you don't have to worry about it being too long or too short. Best of all, it's available in either one-pack or two-pack options so you can keep one at home and have another for your gym bag. Said one happy Amazon customer, "Ive used a ton of ropes doing crossfit and this one is right up there with the more expensive brands. The handles are really comfy too."


The Best Speed Jump Rope

For folks whose number one priority in a jump rope is something that spins fast, this ultra-light speed rope is a fantastic option. It showcases a slender, lightweight cord and an innovative ball-bearing system in the handles that lets you get it going up to an impressive 320 jumps per minute. The aluminum handles are strong and durable yet weigh almost nothing, which will save your wrists from tiring quickly. On top of that, they are extra long and covered in comfy foam grips. The 10-foot cord, which can be specially customized to your specific height, is coated in tough PVC to keep it from breaking if you slap it hard on the ground. It has over 600 reviews on Amazon, is available in five colors, and comes with a convenient carry case for easy travel. One fan raves, "I have been doing Crossfit for nearly a year and have struggled to get even one double under. Now I can get them at will individually, and am starting to string some together."


The Most Affordable Jump Rope

This budget jump rope is fast and well-made yet only costs four bucks. It boasts almost 10 feet of length that can be adjusted by trimming down the extra cable or stuffing it into the handles. It has a sturdy ball-bearing system and tough, durable handles. The lightweight, easy-to-twirl material is constructed from PVC with ABS and elastic sponge in the handles. "The Performance of this rope is really good!" said one Amazon user. "It feels nice and the handles are comfortable and are easy to maintain a secure grip during movement. Its light enough to carry around, but weighted just enough to get a great workout."

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