These Disposable Razors Will Give You A Super Close Shave — Without Any Irritation

If you want to remove hair, whether you’re at home or on the road, using one of the best disposable razors will give you a smooth, comfortable shave every time. Look for a model designed to glide across your skin with ease, without causing nicks, bumps, or irritation

There are several design features that determine how well a razor maneuvers across your skin. Some options have built-in lubricating strips with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, and swiveling heads that adapt to the contours of your body, but these razors tend to be more expensive. If your skin is easily irritated, however, it may be worth spending a little more on an option that offers some or all of these extra perks. Additionally, a razor with a longer handle that's easy to grip will help make the shaving process a smoother one.

Another factor you may want to consider is the number of blades the razor has. Some experts believe that more blades are better, while others claim that extra blades may actually cause more irritation, not less. The best advice here is probably to stick to what you're most comfortable with, which is why I've included options below that range from two to five blades.

From a no-frills, two-blade option to a five-blade razor with a pivoting head, I've gathered a list below to help you find the best fit for your needs.

The Overall Best

What's great about it: Designed for efficiency and precision, this Solimo razor has five sharp blades on a pivoting head, making it easy to get a close shave. The razor head is also lubricated with vitamin E to soothe skin and prevent irritation. Suitable for all skin types, this razor is hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists, making it especially great if you have sensitive skin. For just $7, you'll get one comfortable handle, two disposable cartridges (aka razor heads), and a suction-cup shower hook (there's also a $19 option that gives you 12 total disposable cartridges).

What fans say: "I am someone who shaves my legs every day and I love this razor. One razor blade last[s] a long time. I much prefer this razor over store brands. No razor burn and longer lasting."

The Runner-Up

What's great about it: Equipped with three precise blades, this Gillette Venus sensitive women's disposable razor is a great option with over 1,500 reviews on Amazon to back it up. This pack gives you six fully disposable razors in a pack, which means you don't have to fuss with changing cartridges. Safe for even the most sensitive skin, this dermatologist-tested razor is designed with special "SkinElixir Lubrastrips" to prevent irritation, plus an easy grip handle.

What fans say: "I can’t use anything else besides these! I don’t get cut, they give a close shave to my legs which I love and can use at least 4-5 times!"

The Best Value

What's great about it: These BIC Silky Touch women's disposable razors are a great value. With four packs of 10 razors per order (40 razors in total), this set will last you for quite a while. The long, tapered handle is designed for a comfy grip. This pick only has two blades and it doesn't feature a lubricating strip, so it may not be the best choice for sensitive skin. However, if your skin doesn't irritate easily, this could be a great cost-efficient option.

What fans say: "These are cheap and easy to use. I don’t cut myself with them and [don't have] to spend multiple dollars on a single razor refill."

Also Helpful: This Soothing Shaving Gel

What's great about it: Whether you go with two blades or five, this Aveeno shave gel can help any razor glide more easily. With skin-nourishing ingredients like oat and vitamin E, it also helps prevent bumps or irritation. Hydrating and lubricating, this pick is ideal for those with dry or sensitive skin. It's also dermatologist recommended and noncomedogenic.

What fans say: "I have very sensitive dry skin and end up with shave bumps with nearly every product I've ever used, except this. Shaving is easy, the razor glides right over my skin and no [nicks] or cuts. The cream is thick and moisturizing too. Works great on underarms with no itchy backlash the next day."

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