The 3 Best Door Peephole Cameras


In the search for the best door peephole cameras, you'll find a huge divide in both price and features between the simplest door camera and the most expensive one. For example, some peephole cameras offer the ability to control your camera via a smartphone app, so you can monitor who is outside your door from literally anywhere with WiFi. Other, slightly less expensive models will offer the basics: a two-way recording device that allows you to communicate, a basic video feed screen, and the ability to save videos and photos from your camera to a backup device.

Understandably the more money you invest, the more features you'll get. But, higher price door cameras will also offer some simple upgrades that help to justify their price tags, upgrades like bigger, clearer LCD screens, rechargeable battery power (as opposed to batteries you'll have to replace consistently), and more advanced night vision technology.

As you shop, keep your budget in mind. The entry point for a solid door peephole camera is around $50, but if you're willing to put in an extra $100 or $200, you'll get top-tier quality cameras that are decked out with all the bells and whistles.

But, take a deep breath. I've sifted through the best door peephole cameras out there and can say that, for the money, these three are the best ones you can buy.

1. Overall Best, All Things Considered

Designed to be used as both a doorbell as well as a security camera, this wifi-enabled door peephole camera offers the best value of any door cameras in a similar price range. It boasts quick and simple installation, rechargeable battery power, a wide-angle lens, and an automatic night-vision mode. You also don't need to be home in order to see who's at your door or whether your packages were delivered. This camera allows you to monitor your doorway from anywhere in the world via the manufacturer's free smartphone app (available on both iPhone and Android). This product also has a doorbell button below the camera lens that notifies you when visitors ring. And, because package thieves don't knock, it detects motion and quietly begins recording when it senses activity outside of your door. In addition, a two-way mic on both the physical LCD screen and the phone app lets you communicate with people on the other side of the door. Although this product is considered the "mini" model, the screen size on the interior-side viewer is 2.8-inches wide. That's still significantly larger and easier to see than the view from a convention peephole.

2. Best Investment

This larger-sized door peephole camera has all of the same great features as its smaller counterpart above, like easy installation, rechargeable batteries, a doorbell with two-way microphone, WiFi-streaming to a smartphone app. However, at 5.75 inches, its LCD screen is over twice the size, which will give you a clearer picture of who is outside your front door. Plus, it has a wider lens (it offers a 180-degree view compared to the 120-degree view available in the camera above), and a better resolution video feed. If these things matter to you or if your vision would benefit from the physically larger screen, this top-of-line, superior model might be worth investing in.

3. Most Affordable

This no-frills door peephole camera has a 2.4-inch LCD screen, a high-definition, 160-degree lens with night-vision, and three modes to conserve battery power: away, do-not-disturb, and standby modes. Best of all, it's just $46, the most affordable on this list by miles. When activated by the doorbell, the camera records either still photos or video clips and then saves them to a TF card (not included) that you can later review on a computer. However, the downside to the low price tag is that, unlike the other products on this list, it doesn’t rely on WiFi. This means you can’t view the camera remotely from a phone. Also, keep in mind that this product doesn’t offer motion detection, so visitors will have to ring the doorbell in order for the camera to record. Still, for less than $50, you won't find a better option for the price.

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