These Drones For Beginners Are Built To Withstand Crash Landings — & One Is Under $25


If you're itching to take to the skies, or are looking to get into aerial photography, it's high time to consider investing in one of the best drones for beginners. These well-built drones will be sturdy enough to withstand crashes while you learn, and will be outfitted with features that make them easy to navigate right out of the box.

Since you're likely to crash a few times while learning, it's a good idea to opt for models with sturdy exteriors and durable propellers. Some models even feature circular guards around the propellors for extra protection. As far as operation, many drones for beginners have built-in controls like one-key takeoff and landing, the option to create flight patterns on your phone, and headless mode — a feature that makes navigation a breeze by letting you steer your drone in relation to your current orientation, instead of whichever way the front of the drone is facing. And if you're shopping for a kid, there are drones that do away with fancy controls altogether, relying instead on built-in motion sensors that let you navigate by simply holding your hand near the drone.

For those looking to take aerial photos, the best beginner drones with cameras will be equipped with an HD camera and an altitude hold function to allow your drone to hover steadily while it snaps images and captures videos. Being able to send pictures or video via Wi-Fi from your drone is also a great sharing feature to consider.

If you're ready to take to the skies, scroll on for the best drones for beginners that'll have you flying in no time. Once you find your pick, check to see if you need to register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration before takeoff

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The Overall Best Drone For Beginners

With a circular guard around each propeller, the Potensic A30W drone is built to withstand the occasional (or frequent) crash landing, a feature that — according to more than a few reviewers — really works. Geared towards both adults and kids, it's also easy to operate, thanks to the one-key takeoff and landing button, an emergency stop button, and headless mode for foolproof navigation. It also has three speed settings and a waypoint flight option that lets you create a flight path on your phone for your drone to follow automatically.

As far as photography, this Wi-Fi-enabled drone is equipped with a 90-degree adjustable 720p HD camera with first-person viewing (FPV) mode, so you see what images and videos you're going to capture. To make things even easier, there’s an altitude hold mode for auto-pilot hovering. You get up to eight minutes of flight time with each charge.

Sky-high review: “We are really enjoying this drone. We are beginners and have never flown a drone previously, but it is quite easy with this drone. Due to the fact we are new to this, we have crashed the drone a few times. It is very durable and stands up very well to a crash landing."


The Runner-Up: More Features & Longer Fly Time For A Little Bit More

For a few more dollars, the highly rated SNAPTAIN A15H drone will give you upgraded features like a 360-degree flip button, longer flight time (15 minutes), voice command options, and a 720p HD camera with a wider 120-degree lens. And like the above option, it also has one-key takeoff and landing buttons, three speed settings, headless mode, first-person viewing, and an altitude hold option for remaining in place while snapping photos and taking videos.

The foldable design makes it super portable, so you can tote it in a bag or backpack, but since there aren't any propellor guards, you run the risk of more damage in case of accidents.

Sky-high review: “This drone is well suited for beginners as it is relatively easy to fly, offers lots of manageable functions and is much cheaper than other drones. It reacts well, maintains a reasonable altitude and offers enough power to withstand a light wind."


The Best Drone For Kids

This hand-operated drone for kids is great for starting out. All you have to do is toss the drone up into the air, and it’ll instantly begin to hover and fly — no remote controls or smartphones required. To steer, simply hold your hand near the drone — the motion sensors will move it in the opposite direction. Those same sensors will scan for obstacles to prevent crashing, but if there is a crash, the flexible and durable cage will prevent damage to the propellors inside.

With two speed settings, you can fly this gadget for up to eight minutes, but there is one downside: There's no camera for taking photos. Choose from red and blue color options.

Sky-high review: “This amazing toy is so cool. There's no need to chase it although the kids love to. Once you get used to it hovering, you can relax. It will move around in interesting patterns with flashing lights and automatically avoids running or bumping into things!”