3 Dust Mops That Are About To Change The Way You Clean

by Kim Quindlen
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When it comes to maintaining clean, spotless floors in your living space, it’s hard to do so using a mop or broom alone. While mops can scrub away stains and brooms are great for sweeping up large particles, you still need something to capture all the remaining dirt and dust those tools can't get. That’s why it’s important to include one of the best dust mops in your cleaning routine.

Choosing the best dust mop for your cleaning needs means looking out for a few key features.

First, keep the fabric in mind. The best material for a reusable mop head is microfiber. Not only does this material last the longest when it’s properly cared for, it’s also the most effective at picking up and holding dust and debris. If you do choose a microfiber mop head, note that this material comes in three different styles: cut ends (which have a tendency to fray and hold the least amount of dust), looped ends (which hold more dust than cut ends), and chenille (which holds the most dust). Cotton mop heads are also an option, but make sure you're choosing ones made with an industrial-strength cotton material so they're more durable and less likely to rot.

The next thing to think about is the size of the space you’re cleaning. If you’re just tidying up your kitchen, a standard sized head will work perfectly. But if your entire home is made up of hardwood floors — or you’re looking to tackle a larger space like a garage or a gym — consider investing a dust mop with an extra wide head for the most efficient clean.

Finally, when looking at the frame of the mop, pay attention to how it moves. Because you’ll likely be cleaning corners and going underneath furniture, it’s important to find something with a sturdy handle and a flexible swivel head.

The bottom line? A dust mop is a great solution if you're interested in how to clean quickly, and these specific picks will help you maintain the pristine space you deserve.


The Overall Best Dust Mop, If You're Ready To Splurge

Although this is a tad pricier than other dust mops of the same 18-inch size, if you can afford to spend a little extra, its high-quality materials are so worth it. The stainless steel handle is adjustable — up to 6 feet! — and it attaches to a heavy-duty aluminum frame with a 360-degree swivel designed to maintain durability over time. Translation: You'll be able to comfortably clean, wherever you want, including under and around furniture.

This deluxe set includes one Mojave microfiber dust mop pad that effectively gathers up dust on your floors as well as two microfiber wet mop pads that pick up embedded dirt and provide a deeper clean more effective than plain water. Additionally, two bonus premium microfiber cleaning cloths are included, and — just like the wet and dry mop pads — they are machine washable and reusable.


The Best Budget-Friendly Dust Mop

This two-sided dust mop is a great option if you want a comprehensive tool that’s still gentle on your wallet. Featuring a double-sided microfiber and chenille mop head, you can easily switch between wet and dry cleaning with this affordable mop. The microfiber heads on the ultra-dense blue chenille side can absorb and hold more dust than other material, and the nubs can more easily get into cracks and corners, making this is the best dust mop for pet hair. Additionally, the other side — with white microfiber and scrubbing strips — is ready to remove dirt and provide a deep clean. In addition to the convenient flip feature, the mop head also rotates 360 degrees for easy access to those hard-to-reach places. This is a great choice if you want to achieve a convenient clean at a low price point.


The Best Dust Mop For Large Spaces

If it's a quick-but-efficient clean you seek, this extra-wide dust mop is a great choice for getting the job done. Most dust mop heads range from 16 to 18 inches, but this one features a 24-inch industrial cotton head that provides a large sweeping path, instantly minimizing cleaning time and making streaks a thing of the past. Because it's compatible with many different surface types including hardwood, vinyl, and tile, it's perfect for efficiently cleaning big areas of any kind from your home to your garage and even office spaces.

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