The 3 Best Earplugs For Studying


As anyone who has ever crammed for a test would know, focusing — and staying focused — is not easy. And when trying keep on top of a lot of new material, silence is paramount. That's why the best earplugs for studying can change your study habits for the better.

To eliminate the most noise, you'll need to look for one measurement on any set of earplugs: their noise reduction rating (NRR). This is measured in decibels, or dBs, and will refer to the amount of noise a pair of earplugs blocks out — the higher the NRR rating, the less noise you'll hear. Generally, you'll find most earplugs have NRRs that hover between 20 and 45 dBs, for reference.

Also, word to the wise: Material matters. Most foam earplugs will be disposable, while silicone options will be reusable. Think about which material will feel best in your ears, and also whether or not you want to throw your earplugs away after using them once, or have a reliable pair that you reuse frequently.

Beyond that, scan the reviews. (I've got you covered there.) If earplugs actually live up to their hype, reviewers will come in droves to talk about them on a site like Amazon.

But, you've got work to do. Let's get to it. Here are the best earplugs for studying.