The 3 Best Earthing Sheets

It is believed that connecting to the earth while you sleep could reduce stress, balance your body’s internal rhythms, and boost immunity. Finding the best earthing sheets is an easy way to integrate that connectivity into your daily routine. Earthing or grounding sheets saw a popularity boost after Clinton Ober's top-selling book, Earthing. Now, they’re surprisingly easy to find. That said, most options only have a handful of reviews, so narrowing down the best pick for you requires additional research.

First thing’s first: the size of your earthing sheet. In order to reconnect with the ground’s electrons, apparently only a small part of your body needs to touch the conduit. According to research, Earth’s negative potential can then create a stable bioelectrical environment for your internal systems. For that reason, an earthing sheet doesn’t need to cover the entire mattress. If you tend to toss and turn, a full-coverage sheet (in whatever size bed you have) is a better option, as it ensures you’re always making contact in any position — but for those who tend to stay still throughout the night, half sheets stretch across your bed's bottom portion to make contact with your feet. They’re often less expensive and less obtrusive than full-coverage sheets.

That brings us to material choice. Since earthing sheets are meant to be slept on, you should look for breathable, comfortable fabrics. High-quality cotton is popular because it’s soft and moisture-wicking. The sheet will also have a conductive wire, typically silver, running throughout, which should be relatively thin and unnoticeable. If sensitive to textures, opt for a half-sheet.

Finally, consider the length of your connection cord, which will ideally plug into the bottom prong of your nearest outlet. Unfortunately, not all outlets are grounded, especially in older homes. You can purchase a socket tester to check the outlet is grounded, though some kits conveniently come with one. If the outlet nearest to your bed is not grounded, you won’t receive any of the benefits of earthing, so you’ll have to choose another plug, which makes a longer cord a must.

Once you’ve considered those factors, you can start looking at options. These are the three best earthing sheets on Amazon.


The Overall Best Earthing Sheet

If you’re willing to make the investment, a full-coverage sheet ensures that you’re connected to the earth as long as you’re lying in your bed. This fitted sheet from Grounding Brand is crafted from 400-thread-count cotton, so it’s soft, breathable, and comfortable. Its intricate, interwoven wires are made from pure silver, and the cord stretches 16 feet, so you can reach the nearest grounded outlet.

While this product features is queen-sized, this brand offers king, full, or twin-sized bedding as well as options like regular, deep-pocketed, flat sheet, or dual pillowcases.

Reviewers say: “The last two nights I’ve slept the sleep of the dead. My morning yoga/body weight/strength workouts are so much easier. I immediately felt a difference, more limber and energetic. Get this.”


The Best Earthing Half Sheet — And The Best Value

For those who are looking to get the best value with the least amount of hassle, Bio-Energy Products’ half earthing sheet is the way to go. Since it stretches across your mattress (rather than hugging it like a fitted sheet), this pick works on any size bed — and you can position it in a spot that’s most comfortable and likely to make contact with your body. It measures six by three feet, so it’s big enough for one or two people.

This sheet is made entirely from cozy cotton and has silver wires throughout for ample connection. It also comes with a 15-foot cable, a free earthing audiobook, and a US socket tester, so you can check that your outlet of choice is in fact grounded.

Reviewers say: “Ever since I put this on my bed the quality of my sleep is through the roof! Before using this earthing sheet I had forgotten what a full nights sleep was! [...] Cannot recommend this awesome half sheet any more if I had to.”


The Best DIY Earthing Sheet

To save the most amount of money, many reviewers have opted to make their own earthing sheets with this grounding fabric made from 96.5-percent cotton with silver threading, so it’ll conduct electrons as well as a pre-made earthing bedsheet — but since it can be cut, sewn, and positioned however you want, it’s more cost-effective. Tuck it under your mattress, fashion it into a pillowcase, or simply use it as a blanket; then attach a grounding cable clip and you’re good to go.

Since this option measures 31 by 110 inches, it offers plenty of fabric to work with — and at just $50 each, it’s much more affordable than buying a set.

Reviewers say: “I can report that my sleep has improved as a result of using a couple of earthing products. This product is well made and lies horizontally across the bed so that [two] persons can have the benefit of being grounded while resting.”

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