Forget Q-Tips, These Earwax Remover Tools Are Far More Effective And Safe, Too

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Earwax, or cerumen as it's called in the medical field, is the waxy secretion produced by your ear that helps the ear clean itself. And, for most people, it's generally harmless and there's no need to remove it. However, some people may be more prone to excessive earwax buildup, or impacted earwax that can result in problems with their hearing. This makes it necessary to remove it. Fortunately, the best earwax remover tools allow you to safely remove excessive earwax at home without the expense or inconvenience of a doctor’s visit.

(Editor's note: If you're dealing with symptoms like loss of hearing, or have tried many earwax removal tools and have persistent symptoms like itchiness, pain, or feel fullness of the ear, you may want to visit your doctor to seek specific medical advice.)

There are several popular methods for removing earwax. The best earwax remover tools usually involve some combination of three things: drops that chemically loosen earwax; syringes or irrigators that flush out wax with water; and earwax oils that help soften dry earwax making it easier to remove. Each method has its pros and cons and you may even find that a combination of these tools work best for you.

Word to the wise: Be wary of commonly advertised methods. Health professionals no longer recommend using cotton swabs to remove earwax as they may push wax further into the ear canal, rather than remove it. As you use different wax removal tools, you'll also want to be careful not to apply to much pressure to your ear and risk puncturing your eardrum. And, while beauticians often advertise a procedure called ear candling that involves burning a candle to suck out earwax, this method also has no scientific backing for being effective and can be dangerous.

For the best earwax remover tools, keep scrolling.


The Overall Best: Squip Kyrosol All-Natural Earwax Removal Kit

If you want to buy only one tool to help remove earwax, this Squip Kyrosol earwax removal kit is a fantastic option. Here's how it works: You insert glycerin-based drops that help loosen up any hardened wax. Meanwhile, heat up some warm water and let it cool to room temperature. Then fill the syringe with the water and place the tip of the syringe into your ear and gently irrigate. Unlike traditional ear irrigation systems, this syringe sprays water in three different directions, lessening the pressure on your eardrum and allowing use to use it more safely. The result is a one-two punch solution that effectively removes earwax. Best yet, the glycerin-based drops are naturally-derived. What more could you want from an ear wax remover tool?

What fans say: “This kit worked great in removing a large buildup of wax in my ears. I applied the fluid to my ear, and took a little rest on the bed. 25 minutes later, I started using the pump to flush them out. Left ear wasn't too bad, and the little bit of wax came right out. I then did the right ear the same way, a monstrous wax plug came out after a bit of irrigating, and all is well. There are 10 doses of the wax dissolving substance, enough for 5 complete cleanings. This is a product that does exactly what I expected it to do, and I'm 100 percent satisfied with it.”


The Best Standalone Drops: Debrox Earwax Removal Aid Drops

Since any object inserted into the ear canal could potentially perforate the eardrum, these Debrox earwax removal drops are an extra-safe and effective option to remove ear wax. The active ingredient in Debrox is carbamide peroxide, which chemically loosens and breaks up excessive earwax when it comes into contact with it. To use the drops, you simply drop them into the outer ear canal (there are diagrams on the box for where and how to do this) and lay on your side for the recommended amount of time. This makes this an easy earwax removal method, since you can multitask and lay on your couch, watching TV, while these work. One note: The manufacturer recommends you flush out any remaining wax after using these drops.

What fans say: “Many years ago, I had a pretty severe wax impaction issue. Went to the doctor and got my ear flushed. They recommended this to continue to deal with excess wax. So satisfying to see the wax flush out after using this.”


The Best For Dry Earwax: Humco Sweet Oil With Dropper

Another popular tool for removing earwax, this natural oil helps soften dry earwax that otherwise would not be able to be removed. Many classic earwax removal tools are designed to remove sticky or wet earwax, but for dry or flakey earwax, you're better off softening it before trying to remove it from your ear. Reviewers love this earwax removal technique, claiming that it's the only thing that work for the dry buildup in their ears. Bonus: You can use this oil in a myriad of different ways, including as a remedy for ear infections and/or swimmer's ear.

What fans say: "My earwax is so dry it almost seems to be a hard "plaster" against the sides of my ears, and is difficult to budge in any way. Using this sweet oil makes it much easier to CAREFULLY remove some earwax. The dropper is very helpful, as some sweet oils out there don't include one (and you'd have to buy it separately)."

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