These Electric Tea Kettles Are The Key To A Quick & Tasty Cuppa


Tea fans, you know there's nothing better than brewing a fresh cuppa, and the best electric tea kettles expedite that glorious process. No matter if you're a new electric kettle convert or a loyalist looking for an upgrade, know this: There are lots of options.

Before you get too overwhelmed at the boiling prospects, there are a couple main features you'll want to look for when determining whether or not a kettle truly is the best.

  1. Material. Many cheaper kettles are made out of plastic, which can leave a strange aftertaste in the water and cause durability issues over time. That's why it's a good idea to choose an electric tea kettle made from stainless steel or glass, as they tend to leave a better overall taste and provide more longterm durability.
  2. Safety functions. Does it have auto-shutoff capabilities? You'll want this feature, especially if you tend to start your kettle and walk away.
  3. Temperature control. If you like your tea at a very specific temperature, keep your eyes peeled for kettles that let you customize how hot the water gets.

All that considered, here, find a list of three of the best tea kettles on the market. And if you also love coffee, definitely check out the best coffee makers, too.


The Overall Best Electric Tea Kettle Considering Customer Reviews & Price

With over 4,000 reviews on Amazon, this stainless steel electric tea kettle from Cuisinart is my pick for the best on the market.

Why it's great: It's a 1500-watt kettle that'll bring the water to your desired temperature in just minutes — and it'll keep it at that temperature for up to 30 minutes. It also has an auto-shutoff function and a swivel feature on its power base. You can even take it off the base for up to two minutes while it's brewing, and pick back up where it left off. Even better, it comes with six preset heat settings for even simpler brewing.

Promising review: "I love being able to make my more finicky teas with the proper temperature water. My tea is no long turning out bitter, or brewed improperly because of the water. The only thing that I wish was a little different was the beep letting me know my water was ready."


A Prestige Tea Kettle With The Features To Backup Its Higher Price

If you're looking for a premium option with lots of high-end features, this Breville tea kettle is an excellent buy.

Why it's great: This glass kettle boasts thermal shock resistance, and, unlike some plastic models, all the parts that come in contact with your water are BPA-free. It has a soft-opening lid — that can be released with the push of a button — and a cordless base that can rotate up to 360 degrees. Plus, it has an ergonomic handle, five temperature settings, and that must-have auto-shutoff feature for maximum safety.

Promising review: "How did I live without this? It's such a treat to be able to match temperature to type of tea. The only thing that is less than perfect is that the carafe is HUGE! I'm usually only making a cup or two of tea, which is basically what I do every day. The upside is that it heats small amounts of water to the correct temp quite rapidly."


A Budget-Friendly Kettle That Gets The Job Done

For a cheaper option that still works, this stainless steel one from Hamilton Beach is It.

Why it's great: Despite its more affordable price point, this one doesn't skimp on features. It's made from durable stainless steel — like the Cuisinart one, above — and boasts a 1.7-liter capacity (visible through a clear plastic window). Aside from its super useful auto-shutoff and light indicator features for safe boiling, this one also turns on with the push of a button and has a drip-free spout designed to make pouring hot water even easier. Just remove the kettle from its corded base to serve!

Promising review: "It works fine. I like the light indicator, the top button for opening the kettle to fill water and the fact that it turns itself off when the water has boiled. I only wish it could keep the water warm for a longer period. And I thought it took long to boil. It takes about 5 minutes to bring to a rolling boil."

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