Wine Drinkers, Rejoice! These Electric Openers Can Uncork Your Favorite Bottle In Seconds


Whether you're an aficionado or a once-in-a-while wine drinker, having the right bottle opener can make simple work of a needlessly difficult task: uncorking your favorite wine. That's where the best electric wine openers come into play. Not only can they uncork a bottle of your favorite Pinot in just a few seconds, but they'll save you from overexerting yourself (wine night should not constitute an arm day!).

So, what's out there? Most electric openers tout similar capabilities; they can uncork a bottle in under a minute, can open 10's of bottles before needing to be recharged, and have a simple button you push to screw into the cork and then pull it up from the bottle.

Where their designs differ is how they're charged (some are rechargeable whereas others rely on batteries), and any other tools they come with. For example, many of the best electric wine openers have foil cutters built into their designs so that your bottle opener can quickly get to work. For the total package, look for a set that has a foil cutter, an aerator, and a vacuum sealer for preserving your reds, whites, and rosés.

But talk is cheap and your wine is waiting. Here are the best electric wine openers.


The Best Overall

With thousands of glowing Amazon reviews and a 4.3-star rating, this electric wine opener is the best investment to make. Its built-in battery can uncork 30 bottles of wine without needing to be recharged, and it's made of durable stainless steel that'll look sleek in any kitchen or bar. It also comes with a foil cutter to prep your bottle of wine, and operates with a simple up-down button. But, above all this electric wine opener is consistent and works smoothly, which is why reviewers are quick to call it the best they've ever owned. One fan raves, "I love this electric wine opener! My previous one... was larger/bulkier, and broke. This one is smaller profile, sleeker, and the clear lighted base looks much cooler! Although smaller in size than my previous one, it effortlessly removes corks, and I've yet to have any problems with it (had it over a year and use it extensively). Highly recommend!"

One thing to note: This wine bottle opener has a built-in LED light at the base that stays on while it is charged. If you'd prefer something that doesn't light up, keep scrolling.


The Most Affordable

This battery-operated wine opener is one of the most affordable options out there. For just $15, it can reliably open any wine bottle and comes with a foil cutter built into its top. At the push of a button the screw winds down into your cork and then pulls up to uncork the bottle. Best of all, it can open up to 60 bottles of wine before you need to replace its batteries (AAA). Available in one of five colors, you can pick up one to match your bar cart, kitchen, or personal style. One reviewer gushed, "My husband and I love wine and have been through so many different wine openers... I like the (f)act that I don't have to be close to an outlet and can just replace the batteries when needed. This particular one has a foil cutter attached to it! If you're like me and lose everything small, this is awesome that it's attached to the device. It's sharp and cuts well too."


The Best Set

If you take your wine experience seriously, you're better off investing in a set of wine-opening tools. This electric wine opener set comes with everything you'd need to enjoy (and preserve!) your wine. Not only can the wine opener itself open up to 80 bottles of wine before you need to recharge it, it also has a built-in LED light that lights up the clear chamber so you can easily see when your cork is safely in the corkscrew. This set comes complete with a foil cutter, an electric wine opener, an air pressure opener (this helps protect the cork against breaking), an aerator, and two vacuum-sealed bottle stoppers to preserve your wine. Essentially, everything you could need. One wine drinker puts it best, "I was so focused on the opener I didn’t even realize all the other great things it came with. Literally everything you need is in this box besides the opener it has a vacuum wine stopper, air pump wine opener, wine pourer and foil cutter. Will definitely be buying another as a Christmas gift. With this price you can’t beat it!"

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