These Expandable Hoses Are The Lightweight & Kink-Free Tool You Need For All Your Watering Needs


Whether it's for watering the flowers, washing a car, or cleaning off the patio, no garden hose is easier to maneuver than an expandable one. The best expandable garden hoses are made with durable brass connections and thick inner latex material to prevent leaks. Compared to a traditional rubber hose, they will also be much easier to store, less prone to kinking, and much more lightweight (from 3 to 7 pounds without water flowing). However, when it comes to choosing the right one for you, make sure you pick a size that will give you the total expanded length you'll need (when water runs through it).

Just like most garden hoses, expandable versions can be found in increments of 25-feet, and while most users typically only need around 50-feet of reach from the spigot, there are expanding hoses that go far beyond that — all the way up to 200 feet! Of course, the longer the length, the heavier and usually more expensive the hose will get, but no matter what, they're all designed to shrink back down about three sizes for easy storage (a 50-foot hose, for example, will revert back to 17-feet once the water is drained).

In terms of construction, a majority of models will feature durable polyester fabric on the outside, but you'll want the inner core to be made from latex as it's the most pressure-resistant. Look for metal fittings (like connectors and valves) that are from brass because they are much higher-quality, rust-free, and more heat-resistant than aluminum.

Finally, keep in mind that expandable hoses are not recommended to be used with sprinkler because the pressure can jerk the head around, creating potential damage for your lawn.

To find the best expandable hose for your watering needs, scroll below!

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The Overall Best Expandable Garden Hose

  • Available sizes: 25 and 50 feet (featured)

This GrowGreen expandable garden hose is one of the top-rated picks on Amazon with more than a 1,000 glowing reviews, a majority of which mention how easy it is to maneuver around — the 50-foot model weights just 2.9 pounds, making it one of the lightest expandable options you'll find. All models of this hose will enlarge to almost three times their size when the water is on and then retract back down.

Plus, it's designed with pressure-resistant latex on the inner tube and corrosion-resistant brass fittings, so you'll get the peace of mind knowing that it's leak-resistant and durable. It also won't twist, tangle, or kink. It comes with an 8-pattern spray nozzle attachment and a lifetime warranty.

Helpful review: “I really like this garden hose. I purchased a 50 foot hose for my front yard, and a 25 foot hose for my deck. Love that they are very lightweight and take up very little hanging space when not in use. The hoses expand to about 3 times the original length when you turn the water on, but quickly shrink back to the original size when you drain the hose. [...] The fittings on both ends of the hose, as well as the hoses themselves, appear to be sturdy and well made.”


The Most Affordable Expandable Garden Hose

  • Available sizes: 50 (featured), 75 and 100 feet

If you're looking for a ton of value for the price, you can't go wrong with this Delxo expandable garden hose. Though the 50-foot model weighs more than the pick above (5.5-pounds), you'll still get the benefit of a space-saving, expandable hose that boasts a multi-layer latex inner tube that won't kink, tangle, or twist as well as durable brass fittings. Plus, there are two color options to choose from, and it comes with plenty of accessories, including a 9-pattern spray nozzle, a storage bag, a hose splitter, three spare rubber gaskets, leakproof tape, and hose clamp.

Helpful review: “It's lightweight and easy to stow after use. I don't bother to coil it like a typical hose - it's so light, short and limp when empty I just bunch it up and toss it under a bush.It doesn't seem to want to kink or tangle either which is a major plus for me. The brass fittings are reassuring (don't buy a hose with aluminum fittings-they will corrode)!”


The Longest Expandable Garden Hose

  • Available sizes: 100, 150, and 200 feet (featured)

For the longest, most durable expandable hose possible, look no further than this 200-foot expandable hose. When retracted, it measures 66.7-feet but remains relatively light for its size at just 7 pounds. Like the other hoses on this list, it boasts latex inner tubing and brass fittings and is easy to maneuver around with no kinking or tangling. This model also comes with a 9-pattern spray nozzle attachment as well as a bag and holder for easier storage. Plus, you'll get the added bonus of a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

Helpful review: “I have another one by a different maker that is almost Identical. This one gets a small edge because it's longer, and it has metallic sprayer instead of the all plastic version, but same as that it has a rotor to select several different spray types. The inner fabric is [many] layers and the outer expansion mesh is very strong, you could swing from the trees with this if need be.”