The 3 Best Lash Glues For Falsies — & They're All Under $12 On Amazon

When it comes to eye makeup skills, one of the most difficult is applying false lashes, whether in strip or individual form. But with the best eyelash glue on hand, and tips from pro makeup artist Yvonne MacInnis — who Bustle spoke with for this article — it's about to get a whole lot easier.

First things first: You need the right glue. MacInnis says you should always be cautious of eye sensitivities. "One ingredient that commonly causes irritation is latex," she says, adding that finding a latex-free formula is an easy way to play it safe. There are also a few color options that MacInnis explains are preferred for different uses. "I think white and clear glues are the best option for new or beginner lash users, and definitely for individual lash applications," she notes, adding that darker adhesives should be reserved for when you don't want to disturb dark eyeliner or an intense smoky eye.

How to apply false eyelashes:

Once you're ready to apply, gently remove your lashes from the tray and plot out where you want them to sit. "Try placing a hand mirror on the counter in front of you so that you can look down as you apply the lashes," MacInnis suggests. "It makes it easier to see where you're placing the lash from above the lash line, rather than trying to see directly in the mirror." For strip lashes, MacInnis recommends a brush-on applicator to allow you to apply the glue more precisely and avoid mess. If you stick to individual lashes, she says, "Place a small amount of glue — approximately the size of a pea — on the package and use tweezers to dip the application end of the lashes in a tiny bit of glue." No matter what type of lashes you apply, MacInnis recommends giving the glue about 30 seconds to get tacky before placing the falsies along your lash line and holding them in place (either with your fingers or tweezers) until the adhesive dries.

How to remove fake eyelashes:

Like the rest of your makeup, removing false lashes properly at the end of the night is key to avoiding eye irritation (and getting multiple uses out of your strip lashes). "Use a small amount of makeup remover on a Q-Tip with a gentle rubbing motion to lift the lash off gently," MacInnis advises. "Once the lash has been removed, use another Q-Tip to go over the lash line and remove any excess glue that might be left over." Then, you can go about the rest of your makeup-removing routine. And don't forget to save your strip lashes, as MacInnis notes that falsies can be reused multiple times if you place them back on the lash tray and keep them in good condition.

Whether you're new to applying false lashes or you consider yourself a pro, these are three of the best eyelash glues you can buy on Amazon.


The Best Eyelash Glue, According To A Makeup Artist

This lash glue gets MacInnis' top pick for a whole host of reasons, including that its brush-on applicator makes it a breeze to apply (plus, it's affordable). "It's suitable for contact lens wearers, and it's cruelty-free," she says of the KISS Strip Lash Adhesive, noting that its latex-free and odor-free formula is what makes it so sensitive skin-friendly. The clear adhesive also provides 24-hour flexible hold, and, it's waterproof, so it won't budge until you're ready to remove it. Amazon users agree that KISS is easy to use, as one shared, "The glue really does dry clear, it doesn't stick to lash tweezers, [and] I wore contacts and was fine."


The Runner-Up

For another high-quality option, the Bepholan Eyelash Adhesive is latex-free, cruelty-free, and vegan to boot. (That said, this tube will cost you a few dollars extra.) The glue appears white but turns transparent when it's become tacky and is ready to be placed along your lash line, so it's totally invisible in its dried form. Once applied, the adhesive is sweatproof and waterproof, requiring an oil-free eye makeup remover to dissolve the glue when you're ready to take your lashes off. It's also gentle, with many reviewers pointing out it caused no irritation. One Amazon user with sensitive eyes, shared, "It is everything I hoped for in a non-allergenic glue. I have no irritation and can wear my lashes all day without getting watery eyes or redness."


The Best Dark Eyelash Glue

If you want your false lashes to blend in seamlessly with your lash line, you may want to try a glue with a dark finish, like this Ardell Duo lash adhesive. The glue comes in a tiny tube that lets you apply it along strip lashes or dot onto individual hairs, but the dark color is designed to blend in with dark eyelashes and/or dark eye makeup better. MacInnis does note that dark glue is less forgiving, so if you're new to applying false eyelashes, it might still take you a few tries to get them in the right spot. "I like to use it when I'm applying lashes to a smoky eye, or occasionally, I'll apply the dark glue directly over top of the liner when my clients need extra secure lashes," she adds of when dark adhesive comes in handy. And while the Ardell adhesive is the most popular lash glue on Amazon (with over 700 five-star reviews), it's important to point out that the formula does include latex and formaldehyde.

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