3 Great Facial Brushes That Are Safe To Use On Sensitive Skin

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When you have sensitive skin, it can feel like everything takes a little more time, a little more research, and often, a lot more trial-and-error. Nailing down that perfect skin care routine can take years of perfecting. And for many, this routine includes the best facial brushes for sensitive skin.

Using a facial brush can be a bit intimidating at first. I mean, we read all the time about how less is more, how we should be super careful with exfoliation, and so on. But these particular brushes have unique technologies that allow them to clear away dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil or makeup, while remaining gentle on delicate skin. It's basically a purifying face massage. Kind of sounds like a relaxing, at-home spa treatment, right?

Aside from deeply cleansing pores and reaching spaces that aren't easily accessible with a regular hand-wash method, brushes can increase blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps to promote a bright, glowing complexion. Yes, please. Each of these brushes encourages a simple cleaning process: apply cleanser to a damp brush or wet face, and massage away. These brushes might just be the little boost your face needs to stay totally happy and healthy. And if you're in search of a face wash suitable for sensitive skin, we've got you totally covered there, too. Let the cleansing facial massages commence!


Best Overall: The Original Sonic Cleansing Facial Brush With A Cult-Following

The Clarisonic is the OG facial brush, and it has an extremely loyal following. This two-speed, sonic facial cleanser isn't only extremely effective and gentle, but it's also a travel-sized must-have for taking care of your skin when you're on the road. It uses a unique combination of oscillation technology (300 micro-massage movements per second) and fluid forces, which works with your cleanser to wash away makeup, excess oil, and dead skin cells, resulting in smooth, glowing skin. It also helps your skin absorb products better, and helps reduce the appearance of pores. If you're up for a little extra exfoliation, you can switch it to the second setting for a deeper cleanse. Just be sure to replace your brush head every three months or so, otherwise it'll become a breeding ground for bacteria and the bristles will become less effective. Every order includes the device itself, one brush head, a USB charger, and the brand's gel cleanser.


Best Value: A Budget-Friendly Facial Brush With A 2-Speed Spinning Head

You get major bang for your buck with this electronic facial brush. Made from ultra-soft fibers, it features two speeds, so you can customize how deep of a cleanse you want. One speed runs at 210 spins per minute, while the other runs at 420, effectively washing away makeup, dirt, oil, and any other unwanted substances, while also reducing the appearance of lines, blackheads, acne scars, and more. This is a great option for those who are interested in trying out electronic facial cleansing, but aren't quite ready to commit to a $200 Clarisonic.


Most Hygienic: A Silicone Facial Brush That Comes In 4 Different Models, Depending On Skin Type

One of the most popular and best-selling facial brushes on Amazon, the Foreo Luna 2 uses T-Sonic pulsations (8,000 per minute, to be exact!) to unclog pores, removing dirt, makeup, and excess oil while remaining gentle on skin. What really sets it apart from other cleansing brushes is the fact that it's made from medical-grade silicone, which is much more hygienic than traditional nylon brushes. Nylon bristles are more susceptible to attracting bacteria and mold — plus, silicone is much gentler, so it's better for sensitive skin. Perfect for providing a very mild exfoliation, this brush has two different sides with varying pulsation strengths, a long-lasting charge, and a sleek design that fits easily in your hand. Just apply your daily cleanser and gently move the LUNA 2 around your face to enjoy the relaxing massage and deep clean that ensues. Choose from four models, which are color-coded according to skin type: pink (normal), blue (combination), mint (oily), and purple (sensitive).

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