Add Ambiance To Your Halloween Party With This $46 Fog Machine On Amazon

Dry ice low fog machine with hands on  for wedding first dance in restaurants

First, fog machines typically all work the same way. Simply add fog juice (sold separately) to the machine's tank and, after warming up, the fog machine will start producing artificial smoke. The key to shopping best fog machines (or at least the best for your purposes), the primary thing you'll want to consider is the size of the space you plan to use it in, since fog machines vastly differ when it comes to the amount of fog they output.

For use in a home, a smaller-sized, portable fog machine will work best, as a larger machine producing too much fog may set off your home's smoke detectors. For large spaces like an auditorium or for outdoor use, it might be worth investing in a professional-quality fog machine that can produce larger quantities of fog at a faster rate.

You should also consider whether you'd prefer a fog machine with built-in lights. Fog machines with built-in lights are popular for parties because of the additional ambiance they add, but if you're going for more of a scary haunted house vibe or your adding atmosphere to a play, you may want to skip the lights and opt for a more basic, fog-only machine.

For more details on the best fog machines you can buy, see the top three picks below.


The Best Overall: softeen Fog Machine

For most in-home purposes, this fog machine is what you need. It's a small, portable machine with a carrying handle and releases 2,000 cubic feet of fog per minute, which is more than enough to fill up a residential space. It also boasts built-in lights including blue, green, and red LED lights that color the fog and help illuminate your space. Plus, this fog machine only takes a few minutes to warm up and comes with two wireless remotes (one for the fog and one for the lights) with a decent range, so you can activate them from across the room.

What fans say: “This fog machine is epic! We used it in a fairly large banquet hall and it rocked! Had a friend running DJ, and as he's just starting, needed more than just music, so we busted out this bad boy! Lights as you need them, fog as you need, it was such a great party! Would highly recommend this!"


The Runner Up: Theefun Fog Machine

For a more basic fog machine without any built-in lights, this Theefun fog machine is a great option. At less than 5 inches tall, it can easily be hidden away in a small area and controlled via the included wireless remote. As far as output, it takes about two to three minutes to warm up and releases 2,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. The machine's portable size and carrying handle also makes it easy to transport and to store once you're done using it.

What fans say: “This is a great compact fog machine that I wish I had purchased many Halloweens ago. Most of the bigger machines are overkill for in-home use, so this is a refreshingly home-appropriate model. If you buy, make sure to run it until it's empty and make an effort to keep it clean. All fog machines will clog (it's the juice that goes inside) if not properly maintained.”


The Best for Outdoors Or Large Spaces: Chauvet Hurricane Pro Fog Machine

When you have a large space to fill, this professional-quality Chauvet hurricane pro fog machine will give you the most amount of fog possible. While more expensive than the other options on this list, it is also more powerful. This machine only takes five minutes to warm up but produces a whopping 20,000 cubic feet of fog per minute, making it ideal for theatrical productions, outdoor areas, auditoriums, or any other oversized space. Plus, it comes with a wireless remote with a timer to ensure the fog gets released exactly when you want it. Note: This machine only produces fog and does not have any built-in lights.

What fans say: “I used this at Halloween in the front yard, and it worked extremely well. It was a cool night (around 45 to 50 degrees,) and after the initial big cloud of fog dissipated there were remnants of low lying fog that appeared to come from the ground around graves. It looked very cool; I used the ground/low fog juice. The automated timer worked well.”

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