The 3 Best Folding Treadmills

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To save space in your home, investing in a folding treadmill can be a great decision. Not only do the best folding treadmills have a smaller overall footprint, but they offer all the features you love about the bulky treadmill at your gym in a size compact enough to easily fit in many homes. But, there are a few things you should know as you shop.

The most important thing to consider is the structure itself. For the best folding treadmill, you're going to want one with a textured treadmill belt to keep you from slipping, but also a strong frame that offers shock absorption. Look for a treadmill with a steel frame built around the belt to absorb some of the shock from your run and save you from knee and ankle pain. Keep in mind how the treadmill folds and how heavy it is, as well, especially if you have any difficulty lifting heavy items.

Once you know your belt and structure are solid, you should also consider your must-haves. If you're a runner who thrives with minimal distractions, a basic folding treadmill model will do the trick. But if you want to amp up your workouts with personalized training sessions or bumping Bluetooth speakers, you'll want to look into a more luxe option.

No matter which way you go, finding the best folding treadmill for you is key. Here's a roundup of some excellent options to help you get started.


The Best Overall: ANCHEER Folding Treadmill For Home

  • Overall weight: 88 pounds
  • Maximum capacity: 265 pounds

For a less expensive price, this folding treadmill is durable, yet not too heavy to lift. The frame is made from steel, which is sturdy enough so it won't shake while you run, yet not too heavy. It's also built with a hydraulic folding system that allows you to easily lift the belt to fold it. The belt itself is made from EPE foam, which is known for its cushioning and ability to absorb shock. Plus, there are three levels you can manually incline to amp up your run.

This treadmill has standard features including a water bottle holder and USB port. While it does have a fitness training program you can connect to with an app, unlike the more expensive NordicTrack treadmill below, this app includes only 12 workout programs. For most people that should be enough, and you can always make your own workouts up in addition.

Positive Amazon review: "I bought this foldable treadmill for my home gym. I am limited on space so the folding part is nice. It's really easy to assemble, works great, is quiet when using it and easy to store. [...] This treadmill is awesome! So far, I have been using it everyday [...]."


All The Bells & Whistles: NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

  • Overall weight: 193 pounds
  • Maximum capacity: 300 pounds

This NordicTrack treadmill is a winner in every category, but at a price. First up: the belt. It's made with their signature FlexSelect cushioning, which features dampeners to soften the impact on your joints and knees as you run. If you'd rather simulate the road, you can twist a knob to turn off the dampeners to get a similar firmness. It also features easy lift technology that make it simple to hoist the belt end of the treadmill up when you want to store it. While there's no material listed for the frame, reviewers report it's durable and not too difficult to lift. Even better, this treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame should you run into any issues.

As for bells and whistles, this treadmill has them all. It features iFit, an interactive "trainer" that provides you with many types of workouts. The app itself actually adjusts the speed and incline for you when it senses you need a challenge. And when you buy this treadmill, you get a free 30-day subscription to iFit to check it out, no strings attached. One note: This treadmill is a lot heavier than others on this list, which is something to consider if you struggle to lift heavier items.

More than 1,600 Amazon reviewers agree that this treadmill does everything they want and more.

Positive Amazon review: "Awesome treadmill! I run several miles on it almost daily and the treadmill holds up great. The frame is solid and sturdy - it’s not cheaply made. The deck is cushioned to help lessen impact on joints. The motor is quiet and runs smoothly. It is a very reliable machine."


The Most Affordable: Juane Folding Treadmill

  • Overall weight: 88 pounds
  • Maximum capacity: 265 pounds

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, this folding treadmill is a great basic model. It features a nonslip belt with up to six levels of dampening technology to soften the impact on your joints while you jog. The frame is made from high-quality steel and features wheels along the bottom so it's easier to move.

In terms of extras, you won't find a personalized fitness program with this treadmill, but it does have everything you need for a great run. It features a digital LCD display that tracks your time, distance, and heart rate, as well as an auto shutoff safety feature.

Positive Amazon review: "I absolutely love this treadmill and can't wait to go on it everyday! It is easy to adjust the speed and check your distance, calories burned. and time you have spent. When you are ready to quit and push the stop button it immediately stops so it is easy to step off. Also it keeps track of your heart rate as you work out."

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