The 3 Best Gardening Gloves For Poison Ivy


After a day spent yanking weeds or laying down mulch, the last thing you want is to discover you've come in contact with poison ivy. Luckily, you can totally bypass this painful rash with the best gardening gloves for poison ivy.

But since not all gardening gloves will protect you from poison ivy, to truly protect your hands from urushiol — the toxin found in poison ivy that irritates your skin — you need to invest in a pair made from a high-quality, thick fabric.

When it comes to protecting against the pesky plant, coverage is key. Whichever pair of gardening gloves you choose should adequately cover your wrists, since the skin there is both sensitive and often exposed. And, if you want additional coverage, opt for a pair that can extend all the way up to your elbows for more protection. Also pay mind to the type of soil you're working with. If you're dealing with heavy, muddy soil, be on the lookout for a pair of silicone or latex gloves that can hold up without leaking.

With so many options, it can be tough to find the best gardening gloves for poison ivy for you. Here's a round-up of some of the best gloves out there to help keep your skin safe as you work.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

These heavy-duty gardening gloves don't mess around when it comes to protection. Made with synthetic leather, they're virtually puncture resistant. They also feature a padded palm and fingertips so you can do your heaviest yard work without worrying about tearing up these gloves. And the best part? They have extra-long forearms that go all the way up to your elbows so you can be sure your skin has zero contact with any poison ivy. Reviewers who live close to heavily-wooded areas absolutely love these gloves to protect their skin.

What fans say: "I bought these gloves because my yard backs up into a wooded area, and [I'm] always pulling out poison ivy and poison oak. Of course, I always wear gloves, but sometimes the vine would snap back and slap my arm just above the area where the glove ended. I wanted to find some garden gloves that extended up to be elbows for extra protection. These gloves fit the bill perfectly! They are very sturdy; I expect they will hold up very well."


The Most Affordable

This affordable six-pack of silicone gardening gloves are beloved by reviewers for a few reasons. First, they fit like a second skin so there's no way water, mud, or poison ivy can sneak in. Second, these gloves also feature a nitrile coating, which is an extremely durable rubber so you can dig without worrying about soaking through your gloves and ending up with a rash. If you tend to work with muddy soil, these nylon gardening gloves are a must-have. Gardeners can't say enough great things about how flexible they are, despite their thickness.

What fans say: "These fit perfectly. The nitrile coating on the palm and under fingers prevents getting stuck by thorns, and keeps hands cleaner, while the breathable fabric on top allows for the gloves to stretch perfectly with my hand movements."


The Best Splurge

If you're willing to spend a few extra dollars, these gardening gloves are durable enough for any gardening task. Not only are they machine washable, but they're made with Bullwhip leather that will protect you against thorns or sharp shrubbery in your garden. They also have terry cloth built into the thumb so you can wipe your brow if you work up a sweat in the garden. And, since reviewers say these gloves are great for all manner of yard work, you'll get a ton of use out of this pair.

What fans say: "Its a great work glove, not bulky. We can pick berries & not get stickers in our hands or weed the garden. The wrist fabric goes up your arm so it helps if there is any poison ivy nearby to mot make skin contact. A very comfy, unbulky work glove!!"


You May Also Want: A Barrier Gel That Protects Your Skin

If you tend to end up with poison ivy no matter how careful you are, you may want to try this pre-contact gel. Just gently rub it onto any skin that may be exposed and let it go to work; it instantly creates a barrier between your skin and the environment without any greasy or sticky residue. Plus, you don't have to wait before you go out — this little gel works instantly.

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