The 3 Best Garment Bags For Moth Protection

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Moths can wreak havoc on your closet by creating holes in your clothes. To keep them at bay, the best garment bags for moth protection are a safe but reliable alternative to smelly mothballs, which are made of insecticide and therefore potentially dangerous to keep around kids or pets. And while cedar and lavender are popular natural choices to deter moths, they’re not the most effective.

When selecting a garment bag, look for designs without significant gaps. Bags that are open at the bottom or have large spaces around the zipper, gusset, or elsewhere are not going to protect your clothing from moths well. Almost all garment bags will have a small opening at the top for the hanger, however, so if you want to be extra-secure, it’s a smart idea to tape that closed after you’ve slipped your clothing item inside.

The next thing to consider is the material of the garment bag. Many garment bags and other storage options are made from plastic. While plastic has many benefits like being cheaper and typically see-through, it is not breathable. PEVA vinyl and non-woven fabrics are popular alternatives because they're breathable and durable while still providing protection from moths, dust, and water. Regardless of the material you select, be sure to wash or dry clean the items right before storing them. This makes sure any moths, larvae, or eggs are dead. If you don’t, the pests will be trapped inside the bag with your clothing, giving them easy access to munch right through your stored items.

Finally, consider the size of the garment bags. With different lengths to choose from, getting the right length makes it a lot easier to avoid wrinkles.

With all of these considerations in mind, I scoured Amazon to find the highest-quality garment bags that will help keep moths away.


The Overall Best Garment Bag For Moth Protection

This set of five Plixio garment bags checks off all of the boxes of a good garment bag. Made of a water-resistant non-woven fabric, these bags are breathable yet strong so you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing them due to rips or holes. Each bag has a small, transparent window so you can view the contents and an extra-small opening up top to keep things secure. And with two different sizes in each set, these garment bags are ideal if you have a variety of clothing items to store. With two 54-inch bags and three 40-inch bags in this set, you can stash everything from suits to winter coats to kids' clothing in these bags.

With a 4.6 rating after more than 350 reviews, it's a popular choice. One reviewer wrote: "Christmas gift for my husband. He loved them. Worry free on his suits and sport coats from moths." Add to that a very reasonable price, and you have a great choice for most people.


Transparent Garment Bags That Make Identifying Clothes Easy

These Zilink garment bags make finding garments so much easier while keeping them protected. Made of translucent PEVA (a type of vinyl), these garment bags take the guess-work out of identifying what’s inside, which is especially nice if you have many items stored away. The super-strong, snag-free zipper makes these very durable. Plus, the material is both waterproof and breathable. The reinforced hanger opening keeps the gaps small, and more than 500 customers have given these a 4.6-star rating. They're also available in a variety of sizes for everything from suits to long coats.


A Set Of Breathable Garment Bags With A Lifetime Warranty

These Univivi garment bags are made of a breathable polyester material. A PVC dust-resistant opening at the top of the bag provides extra protection and keeps the opening small, while the transparent window helps you see what's inside. Best of all, the manufacturer offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, but judging from the 4.6-star rating and 600-plus reviews, you likely won't need a replacement or refund. One happy reviewer wrote, "I needed bags that were long enough for long dress coats & that were not flimsy & had protection from moths, etc & these bags met that & at a reasonable price."


Also Great: Vacuum Storage Bags For Those With Many Items To Protect

If you have a lot of clothing or bulky items like sweaters that you want to protect from moths for a few months or more, these SpaceSaver vacuum storage bags are calling your name. Plastic bags are frequently recommended to keep moths away, and these jumbo bags will hold a ton. Plus, these shrink in size once you use the vacuum feature to remove air from inside. The double zipper helps make sure that nothing gets in or out. But since plastic isn’t breathable, make sure all of your clothing items are completely clean and dry before storing to avoid musty smells and having moth eggs or larvae trapped inside with all your clothes.

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