Who Will Save Your Sole? These Powerful Shoe Glues Just Might


Taking your shoes to a cobbler can get pricey, and oftentimes the job can be done by one of the best glues for shoe and boot sole repair. Unlike regular glue or even super glue, these glues dry in a flexible way, allowing shoes or boots to bend and flex when worn while still bonding the sole together. Shoe glue is also waterproof so the bonding doesn’t break apart in wet weather.

With all shoe adhesives, you'll want to double check that the glue formula will work with the material of your shoe. While most shoe glues are safe on most shoes, doing due diligence before you buy will ensure that nothing bad befalls your favorite pair of kicks.

Likewise, take note of what color will be when it dries. A clear-colored glue is the most discreet option, but if you have black-colored shoes, you may want to opt for black-colored glue to better blend in with the sole. Lastly, most shoe glues take at least 24 hours to dry, but some products boast faster-drying times that allow you to wear your repaired shoes within hours.

With that said, take a look below at some of the best glue for shoe and boot sole repair options you can purchase.


The Overall Best, All Things Considered

Whether you're new to DIY shoe repair or are a pro, this Shoe Goo adhesive will ensure you end up with the best and longest-lasting result possible. It works on leather, rubber, vinyl, and canvas materials and is available in either a clear or black color option to better match your shoes. It dries in 24 hours and leaves the soles of your shoes bonded, waterproof, and flexible.

"This stuff is amazing," wrote one fan on Amazon. "I have repaired so many things with it, including shoes! I had two pairs of shoes that I was going to discard because, although they were in generally good condition, cracks or splits had formed in the rubber soles. Then came Shoe Goo to the rescue! I have probably added a year or more to the useful life of those shoes. "


The Runner Up

Although it's a little pricier than the first option on this list ($8 for 1 ounce compared to $7 for nearly 4 ounces), Gear Aid shoe adhesive works for a wider range of footwear materials. You can use this adhesive on suede, neoprene, and GORE-TEX in addition to leather, rubber, and canvas. This makes it a great choice to use for re-building the soles of athletic shoes, hiking boots, and even cleats.

This product dries clear within 24 hours and is waterproof and flexible. The glue is also resistant to abrasions, so it's useful for fixing shoe toecaps as well as soles. One reviewer reports that after giving her shoes 36 hours to dry, she's gotten three months of extra use out of them without needing to replace the shoe or reapply the glue. "I think it held up well beyond my expectations. I'd give this product ten stars if I could."


The Fastest Drying

Need a quick-drying option? According to reviewers, this Barge all-purpose cement dries within a few hours to a light amber color, and still offers waterproof and flexible bonding. That means you could potentially wear your shoes the same day you repair them without worrying that the soles will disintegrate under your feet. It also comes with an applicator brush to make applying it as easy as possible.

This product works for rubber, vinyl, and leather soles and comes in a larger size: 1 quart. While it's not the most ideal option if you only have a single shoe to repair (you likely won't need the whole quart for just one pair), if you frequently find the soles of your shoes falling apart or simply want the best deal, this is the least expensive product per ounce on this list.

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