These Granite Mortar & Pestles Are The Key To Crushing Your Guacamole Recipe (Literally)


Whether you're prepping pesto or whipping up homemade guacamole, you'll need a solid mortar and pestle. And, if you've come around to the best granite mortar and pestles, then you probably already know: Investing in a more durable, granite option will help you get the most consistent grind every time you use it.

What do you need to look for when you're shopping? Keep an eye out for the size of the mortar, as that'll be a huge determinant for which one is right for you. If you're looking to mash up avocados or create dressings or sauces from scratch, you're better off with a larger mortar that can accommodate big batches. In contrast, if you're more of a once-in-a-while chef, a smaller mortar can get the job done and takes up less space in the kitchen.

A few things to know no matter which mortar and pestle you buy: To get the best results, look for one made of unpolished granite that has a coarse interior. Because those interiors are already abrasive, they'll reduce the effort you need to put in to grind up your food or spices. Also, when you can opt for a low, round mortar as opposed to more cylindrical models. The lower the bowl the easier it'll be for you to get leverage to pulverize your ingredients.

But, now that you know the details, let's get to it. Below: The best granite mortar and pestles you can buy.


The Best For Most People

Capacity/Size: 2 cups/6 inches in diameter

For most people, this granite mortar and pestle is the perfect addition to a kitchen. That's because, with a 2-cup capacity, this mortar can accommodate most medium-sized jobs. With nearly 1,000 Amazon reviews and a glowing, 4.8-star rating, this fan-favorite mortar and pestle is tried and true. It's made with unpolished granite that is both durable and abrasive enough to make your crushing job easier. Even better, for $32, you'll get an anti-scratch protection pad to help extend the life of this kitchen tool, as well as access to an e-Book filled with recipes. Bonus: This brand also offers risk-free purchase, meaning you can return it for a full refund if it doesn't suit.

What fans say: "This mortar and pestle is great. You can easily make up 3 or 4 avocados worth of guac in one batch, and it's more than heavy duty enough to grind whatever seed you throw at it. It looks awesome on the shelf, too. Props to the seasoning instructions for us pestle newbs. And as a side perk, we use this all the time as a weight to help press tofu and the like. It's relatively heavy, probably about 10 pounds. I call it our multi-use kitchen rock."


A Smaller Mortar & Pestle For Tinier Tasks

Capacity/Size: ~0.5 cups/3.75 inches in diameter

Even though this mortar and pestle has the appearance of marble, it's made of durable granite. At 3.75-inches in diameter, this is definitely one of the smaller options on the market. That said, it's a handy kitchen tool that can tackle smaller ingredients like cumin, garlic, or other spices. And, some reviewers say this is the perfect size for crushing up pills and medication. The interior of the mortar is rough to facilitate crushing, and the price can't be beat. At $13, this is one of the most affordable mortar and pestles you'll find. Another thing to note: You'll have to hand wash this kitchen tool.

What fans say: "It is just what I was looking for to use for crushing/grinding a small amount of dry spices before using them. I leave it on my countertop, since it is small and the marble looks nice. The working area roughness grinds properly, yet it is easily cleaned by just wiping with a paper towel."


A Larger Mortar & Pestle For Guacamole & Pesto

Capacity/Size: 3-4 cups/8 inches in diameter

For large batches of guacamole or big recipes, this granite mortar and pestle is the way to go. It can hold an impressive 3-4 cups (the manufacturer claims 4, reviewers think 3 cups is more appropriate), and is made of heavy granite. The inside of the mortar is rough to aid in fast mashing, and reviewers claim the pestle is sturdier and more durable than other ones they've tried. It even comes with its own avocado slicer, so right out of the box you'll have everything you need to make guacamole (except the ingredients, of course). With a near-perfect, 4.8-star rating on Amazon, this mortar and pestle lives up to the hype.

What fans say: "The rough granite makes grinding easier and faster. The weight ensures that the base doesn't slip on the counter when I'm trying to use it. I make and sell compound butters, and I've been using this mortar and pestle for a couple of weeks now to grind herbs and garlic into a paste to mix with the butter, and the size and texture make it so much easier on my arms and wrists."

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