If You Bleach Your Hair, You Need One Of These Nourishing & Color-Preserving Masks

by C Mandler

If you've ever bleached your hair, you're probably familiar with the downsides: dry ends, more frizz, and in some cases, an overall "crunchy" texture. Whether you're full on platinum or use bleach as a base for a pastel or neon color, you're going to need one of the best hair masks for bleached hair — and you might even want to consider using one in place of your regular conditioner.

The two main concerns a good hair mask will address are color-preservation and overall hair health. With bleached hair, it's crucial to find a color-safe mask that won't turn your platinum into a dull, brassy yellow, which is where the two purple masks on this list come in. In fact, using a purple mask on bleached hair can actually help you achieve that highly sought-after silver tone and keep color looking fresh in between appointments. For those of you who bleach your hair but aren't blonde, there's an amazing non-purple mask on here that focuses solely on nourishing your locks (and if you are blonde, but hair health is your most pressing issue, that's also probably the best mask for you).

Below, find three of the best deep-conditioning and color-preserving masks on the market. Most of these are recommended for use once or twice a week, but as I mentioned earlier, if your hair is severely damaged, you might want use one in place of your go-to conditioner.


The Best Purple Mask For Bleached Hair

What does it do? When it comes to color-preserving bleached hair, it doesn't get any better than this mask from Christophe Robin. The bright purple formula removes all yellow undertones while simultaneously injecting your strands with healing miracle ingredients like buriti oil, licorice extract, and almond butter. Honestly, its silver-enhancing, brass-busting prowess is so good, it rivals a toning treatment you'd get in a salon. Also a great option for greying or white hair that's going brassy.

How long do you leave it on for? 5 to 30 minutes, depending on your desired shade. If left on too long, it can turn your hair slightly purple (which actually looks super cool, but isn't the look everyone is going for).

Key highlights: This mask is formulated without harmful ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, parabens, silicone, and ammonia, all of which are commonly found in hair care products — specifically those having to do with color — so you know you're getting just the good stuff and nothing icky or toxic.

Any downsides? It's definitely one of the more expensive hair masks on the market, but it really is the most effective formula out there. As with any purple mask, it can be a bit of a messy process, but as long as you don't let it sit too long, it'll wash off your shower walls with ease. It's also important to note that this creamy formula is relatively fragranced and mildly acidic to facilitate even pigment distribution across hair, so it may not be the best option for folks with particularly sensitive scalps.

How much product is in a tub? 8.3 ounces


Another Solid Purple Mask, But This One Is Way Cheaper

What does it do? Pravana's purple toning mask removes yellow and/or brassy tones while keeping hair healthy and hydrated with coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, rosemary leaf extract, and cotton seed and soy proteins. Expect an increase in shine and softer, more moisturized hair. Another great choice for toning grey or white hair.

How long do you leave it on for? 5 minutes. If your goal is slightly lilac hair, feel free to leave it on a bit longer.

Key highlights: It's sulfate‑free and paraben‑free, as any good hair mask should be, since sulfates can seriously strip your hair of color.

Any downsides? Like with any purple hair mask, including Christophe Robin's, things can get a bit messy. Just try and be careful when applying it and give your shower a good rinse once you're done.

How much do you get in a bottle? 5 ounces


The Best Nourishing Mask For Bleached (And Non-Bleached!) Hair

What does it do? A deeply conditioning mask for all hair types. The secret are its 98 percent naturally-derived hero ingredients, which include rosehip, avocado, and almond oils, algae extract, biotin, and much, much more. Whether your hair is damaged from chemical treatments, bleach, or heat styling, this mask will nourish it and bring it back to life. Expect super soft, healthy feeling hair.

How long do you leave it on for? The brand suggests 5 to 10 minutes. I use a quarter-sized dollop to cover my entire head and then let it sit for at least 10 — though the longer, the better. I've even put this on under a shower cup and used it as an overnight treatment so my hair can really soak it all up.

Key highlights: This thick mask is formulated without silicones, sulfates, artificial dyes, and parabens, and because it's so chock full of moisturizing goodness, a little goes a really long way. It's safe for finer-textured hair without inciting oil production, and it works incredibly well on curly hair, too.

Any downsides? It's not cheap — but it's not terrible either, considering how long one tub will last you.

How much do you get in a tub? 8 ounces. You can also get it in a mega-sized 32-ounce bottle, too.

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