The 3 Best Hairsprays For Fine Hair

by Margeaux Baulch Klein

When you put in effort and time to style your hair, you want it to last as long as possible. That's where the right hairspray can come in handy. However, when you have been blessed with fine hair, not every hairspray will work for your thinner strands. That's why the best hairsprays for fine hair walk the line between the two extremes, offering a medium hold minus the stiff, crunchy appearance that old school hairsprays in the past received a bad rep for. These days, hairspray options offer long-lasting control to keep styles in place. They also pull double duty as volumizers, adding fullness and shine to fine hair, as well.

Keep in mind: Some heavier hairsprays can weigh down fine hair or give it an oily or sticky texture. On the flip side, if your thinner hair has a tendency to fall flat quickly, a hairspray that offers too-light of a hold won't work well, either. While you can scan the ingredients list to get a sense of which hairsprays will work for you (certain polymers are water-soluble and feel lighter on your hair), I'd recommend combing the reviews. (I've got you covered here.) Reviewers with fine hair are quick to call out a hairspray that's not up to the task.

For more details on the three best hairsprays for fine hair you can buy, keep scrolling.


The Overall Best: Kenra Volume Hair Spray

Although each can only holds 1.5 ounces, this Kenra volume hair spray is worth its weight in gold when you need long-lasting hold for fine hair. It lasts for up to 120 hours (that's five whole days!). Plus, if you're going somewhere windy, this hairspray is also wind-resistant up to 25 miles per hour. Manufacturers also say that this formula is humidity-resistant for up to 20 hours after application, making it perfect for any weather you encounter. Best of all, it dries quickly and adds both volume and hold without any stiff or crunchy feeling. With the backing of 3,500 Amazon fans, this is a fan-favorite choice for fine hair.

What fans say: “I have fine thin hair and this is the best hair spray I've ever used. With it, my hair doesn't look rigid, but stays put and when blown returns to the original look. The old sprays would keep my style for about an hour and then I'd suddenly have flat hair back in my eyes again. Now it stays put for hours and keeps its body but doesn't look like it's sprayed. It's more expensive than I've used before but worth every penny.”


2. The Runner Up: Goldwell Stylesign Perfect Hold Big Finish Volumizing Hair Spray

For a lot more bang for your buck, this Goldwell Stylesign volumizing hair spray is another a great option for a strong but flexible hold for fine hair. Each bottle contains over 10 ounces and promises to keep hair in place in even the most extreme of hot weather. This hairspray also boasts a light, citrus scent and is free of sulfates and parabens, and is gluten-friendly and vegan as well. Best yet, it offers heat protection up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you need to go back in with a hot tool, your hair will be protected.

What fans say: "If you have very fine hair and want to keep your hairstyle throughout the day, then this product is for you. I have fine/thin hair, but once I spray this on, my hair stays in place for most of the day. I lose a little volume, but still have curls at day's end. It will not hold through rain or strong wind, but other than that this is the only hairspray I have found to actually HOLD my hair in place."


The Best For A Soft, Flexible Hold: Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist Hair Spray for Volume

If you're planning to wear your hair down and need a natural-looking hold that can be touched and brushed easily, this Nexxus Comb Thru finishing hair spray is your best bet. It adds volume to hair without impeding its movement, making it ideal for blowouts or loose waves. In fact, this hair spray is so loved, many Amazon reviewers have been using it for years.

What fans say: “I have used this product for many years. I have fine, extremely curly hair and after drying my hair, I spray lightly all over and fluff hair. The spray adds shine, hold and even looks good next day.”

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