Yes, Some Juicers Are Better At Handling Celery — & Here Are The Best Ones


Celery can be a tough ingredient to juice, whether alone or as part of a recipe. Its highly fibrous and stringy stalks create a lot of pulp, which can build up in juicers and limit how much liquid is actually extracted. And while some people re-juice their pulp, the best juicers for celery ensure that you get the most liquid yield the first time.

Picking the right juicer is essential. If you’re looking to make highly-nutritious celery juice with the best liquid yield (read: dry pulp), you can’t go wrong with a slow or masticating juicer. These juicers squeeze ingredients slowly, thus separating juice from fiber. Slow juicers yield a high percentage of liquid, and also maintain the nutritional value of ingredients since they’re not exposed to heat or air.

If you’d rather not wait for your morning celery juice, a centrifugal juicer is the way to go. Since ingredients are ground up and spun to separate pulp, juice may be frothy and lighter in color due to air that’s incorporated. Ingredients can also be exposed to heat, which lowers their nutritional value by around 15% over time. If you’re going to drink your juice immediately and don’t mind a little froth, this may not be a concern. Keep in mind, though, you won’t get quite as much juice out of your celery as you would with a slow juicer.

Whatever your preferences, the best juicers for celery make it easy to incorporate this healthy ingredient into your lifestyle. Here are three great options.


The Best Slow Juicer For Celery: Caynel Whole Slow Juicer

With one of the widest feed chutes available on a slow juicer (measuring 3 inches), this juicer from Caynel lets you load the hopper with prepped veggies so you don’t have to constantly feed it. Using an auger that rotates between 40 and 65 RPM (rotations per minute), juice is slowly pressed from ingredients like celery and even leafy greens, and spent pulp exits through a separate channel. The juice made in the Caynel retains its color and nutrition due to minimal heat and air exposure. Since it takes longer to process ingredients in a slow juicer versus a centrifugal juicer, this model is ideal for making juice for one to two people. But if you don’t mind the time it takes to juice large batches, your patience will be rewarded by juice that stays vibrant, flavorful, and nutritious for several days when sealed and refrigerated.


2. The Best Large-Batch Celery Juicer: Mueller Austria Ultra-Juicer

If you're opting for a centrifugal juicer, this large-capacity juicer from Mueller makes quick work of celery stalks and even whole fruits, thanks to its wide feed chute (3 inches, as well) and pusher. The grinding plate and basket sieve rotate between 12,000 and 18,000 RPM, depending on the ingredients you’re juicing, and can yield 16 ounces of juice in as little as eight seconds. For best results, Mueller recommends using the higher speed for hard, fibrous ingredients like celery. This juicer comes with a generous pulp bin and a pitcher to collect juice, and is a good choice if you want to make juice for immediate consumption, for several people, or if you often find yourself in a hurry. Though a common complaint about centrifugal juicers is that they're hard to wash, Amazon reviewers note that cleanup is easy with this one — and it’s rare to find such a highly rated model for $60.


The Best Value: Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer with Quiet Motor

This slow juicer from Aicok rotates slightly faster than my Caynel pick, and features an enclosed system that prevents air from entering, maintaining juice’s flavor and extending the shelf life to 72 hours when properly stored. Ingredients like celery get pressed, not blended, so they don’t oxidize or get foamy. Unlike other juicers that require you to open a spout to empty an inner juice tank, the Aicok allows you to continuously feed ingredients, as its spout is built-in directly behind the auger. Considering the technology, at under $90, the Aicok is a great deal on a fantastic juicer for celery.

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