3 Magnetic Knife Holders That Make It Easy (& Safe) To Store Your Kitchen Knives

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Whether you're short on space in the kitchen or just like to keep your knives within reach while you cook, the best magnetic knife holders can be easily mounted on your kitchen wall or a steel refrigerator, making them far more accessible than if they were stored in a cabinet or drawer and takes up less space than block. Hanging up knives on a magnetic strip also helps them retain their sharpness and functionality since they won't be dulled by rubbing against each other in a drawer.

When it comes to shopping for a magnetic knife holder, you'll want to have your tape measure handy, since knife holders come in many different sizes. Keep in mind how big your space is as well as the number of knives you own in order to narrow down your options. You'll also have to decide on a finish. Stainless steel is a popular choice, but for a more rustic look, you may want to consider a wood finish.

Lastly, a counter stand-style magnetic knife holder can be a great alternative if you're looking for an option that doesn't require any installation (hello, renters!).

Scroll down to see the three best magnetic knife holders you can buy.


The Overall Best: Ouddy 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more quality or durable magnetic knife holder than this Ouddy one. Although it only comes in one size (16 inches), the sleek design and choice of stainless steel or wood finish has won it over 1,600 Amazon fans and an average of 4.7 stars. It also comes with all of the mounting hardware needed and is relatively easy to install. Plus, Ouddy offers a money-back or replacement guarantee if you don't totally love your new magnetic knife holder.

What fans say: "I have loaded mine up with a full knife set, plus some individual knives that I bought separately, and it accommodates them all just fine. Only about 2 or 3 inches of this strip are not covered in knives, which is a testament to both its length in that it can accommodate so many knives, and to the potency of its magnetism. To be honest, I was initially worried that it would lack the magnetic strength to hold them all up, but have had no issues."


The Best Splurge: wooDsom Magnetic Knife Strip, Walnut

If 16 inches is not a fit, it may be worth splurging on this wooDsom magnetic knife strip in order to get the perfect size knife holder for your space. It's available in sizes from 8 to 36 inches. (You can also request a custom length.) Choose between one of 12 different wood finish options, ranging from butcher block to maple and oak. Plus, reviewers have raved that the installation process with the included mounting hardware is straightforward and couldn't be easier.

What fans say: "Excellent craftsmanship. Hard wood, looks like photo, magnet just the right strength to hold securely without sticking. I noticed that the makers took the extra step of adding small magnets on the outsides of the screw holes so the magnetism goes all the way to the edge of the board. Very thoughtful feature that gives you an added 1.5 inches of usefulness on each end. Also comes with wood plugs for the screw holes for a cleaner finish. 10/10 would recommend."


The Best Standing Holder: Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder

This Coninx magnetic knife holder is a great option if counter space isn't an issue. It requires no installation, since it's a countertop stand, and has a 12-inch width to display your knives. (Note: Unlike wall-mounted holders, there is a max height of 9 inches for knives stored with this counter stand.) Made out of bamboo wood with hidden magnets on the back, this knife holder also boasts a non-slip base and a lifetime guarantee that the magnets will never fail.

What fans say: "I love this knife holder. I bought it to replace a wooden knife block. The blocks scare me because there could easily be many types of bacteria hiding inside. With this, blades are in the open but secured to the wood with a magnet. The magnet holds strong and I've never had a knife fall from the holder. I don't have to worry about the edges of my knives getting knicked up like can happen when they are stored in a drawer or when you remove them from those magnetic strips you can attach to the wall. The wood keeps the blades safe. Plus, it looks great on my counter."

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