Nespresso Fans, These Are The Best Compatible Capsules You Can Get On Amazon

by Macy Daniela Martin

No matter how hardcore your brand loyalty is to Nespresso, you deserve to dabble in the best Nespresso compatible capsules — if not just for the sake of a little variety! Though the company, which falls under the Nestle brand, manages to make its members feel like they're getting something luxe (at least that's how I feel), I'll tell you: It's OK to experiment.

Where alternatives were once hard to find in the United States, Nespresso's patents have recently begun expiring, opening up the floodgates for other brands to develop competing pods. And that's why we're gathered here today, y'all. Some of these alternatives are just as tasty.

First, a couple things to note. You'll only find Original-machine-compatible pods (Essenza, Pixie, Citiz etc.), not Vertuo, in this post. For consistency's sake, they're all variety packs featuring a range of intensities, from milder to super dark, ensuring there's at least one varietal to suit your palate — for less than what you might spend at a boutique since each pack comes with 40 to 50 capsules.

Now, just because you're willing to dive into the world of compatible pods doesn't mean you have to bid your Nespresso faves (never change, Volluto) completely adieu. But if you want to add more flavor to your coffee routine, here, shop my picks for the best single-serve capsules available via yet another worth-it membership, Amazon Prime.


The Overall Best Nespresso Compatible Capsules: A Variety Pack Of Artisanal, Compostable Pods

Cap'Mundo's compostable and organic pods are filled with the French roasters' full-bodied coffee, which, the brand notes, is slow-roasted for longer than some of its competitors. On a scale ranging from one to five, this set of 40 artisanal capsules features a mix of three-, four-, and five-level intensities, all boasting a blend of Arabica beans. Like others on this list, you get 10 of each variety to try.

What fans say: "The taste of the coffee is great. I do a double espresso (no reckless lungo-ing this stuff) and it's perfect. It tastes more like coffee than the standard Nespresso pods do to me, if that makes sense. I still love the regular pods, but it's nice to have something with a different feel. It's not got the most crema, but it's got a good slightly orange hue."


A Budget-Friendly Pack Of Capsules That Includes A Decaf Sleeve

Amazon's own coffee brand, Solimo, offers the most affordable set of Nespresso-compatible pods. This variety pack of plastic capsules is the cheapest on this list, yet it comes with 10 more than the others (a total of 50). It's also filled with varying intensities, ranging from a milder six to level 10. The best part? A 10-count sleeve of decaf capsules is also included for those moments when you want to savor espresso flavor without the added jolt of caffeine.

What fans say: "Awesome espresso pods. The flavor is rich and full bodied and they couldn't be easier to use. You do have to apply a little bit more force when pushing down to puncture once you've achieved a level of comfort with that and do it on a regular basis it becomes natural and you make your espresso just like with other pods."


A Pack Of Dark-Roast Capsules From A Popular American Coffee Chain

This variety pack of boldly-flavored capsules from California-based coffee chain Peet's Coffee comes with a selection of four different varieties, from an eight-level intensity all the way up to an 11. Each pod — again, you get 10 of each kind — is filled with 100 percent Arabica grounds and individually packaged to maintain freshness.

What fans say: "I'm glad I tried the Peet's. So far they just taste fresher, brighter, and better — They seem richer with more character. I'll still buy the Nespresso ones I like, but these are a nice addition to mix up the routine a bit. So far I'm diggin' the Peet's Ristretto and Crema Scura (yum!)."

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