The 3 Best Nose Pads For Glasses

by Andrea Hannah
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Whether your glasses slip down, pinch the bridge of your nose, or look lopsided in the mirror, the best nose pads for glasses can help them stay in place all day long.

Before choosing a set of nose pads, you'll want to consider the color and material of your favorite frames. While many wire-framed glasses have a small, metal attachment that makes it easy to replace nose pads, a lot of thick, plastic frames don't. In this case, your best bet is to invest in adhesive nose pads that work like a sticker — just take off the back and press directly onto the frame. Be sure to look for a set that comes in a color that matches your frames (or even better — clear) to keep them discreet.

Most sets of nose pads these days are created from foam or silicone, and while they both work in the same way, each can have different implications for your skin. Silicone nose pads are super soft and tend to keep your glasses in place a bit better, but they can also trap facial oils and makeup beneath them, which could cause irritation. On the other hand, foam nose pads, are thinner and more resistant to oil, but they do tend to slip a bit more and may need to be replaced frequently.

Here's a round-up of some of the best nose pads for glasses out there to help you narrow it down.


The Best Foam Nose Pads

These foam adhesive nose pads are perfect for just about any plastic frame. Shaped to slide onto either side of your nose, the super soft foam sticks to the frames while gently forming to the shape of your nose for maximum comfort. And at only 1 millimeter in thickness, they're discreet and totally adjustable — just layer pads until you reach desired thickness.

What fans say: "I got a new pair of all plastic frames, no adjustable nose piece. They were slipping too much despite the optician's best efforts with adjustments. So I found and purchased these nosepads, and problem solved! No slippage, comfortable, easy to apply."


The Best Silicone Nose Pads

If you're looking for a clear option, these silicone nose pads hit all the right marks. Made from soft, pliable silicone and backed with a strong adhesive, these nose pads work with any plastic frame of any color. They're also only 1 millimeter thick so no one will even notice them on your frames. The only downside to this option is there are only 18 pairs per pack, making them a bit more expensive that other options.

What fans say: [They] are easy to apply and they last (per pair) about a month. After that, they begin to slip out of place. I replace them, and good to go again. I will be ordering them again, and again."


The Best Kit

If you're looking for a more permanent solution for your wired frames, this nose pad application kit comes with everything you need. It comes with five pairs of super soft, durable nose pads, five pairs of mini screws, a micro screwdriver, and a storage case to hold it all. All you have to do is carefully remove your worn-out nose pads from the metal hook already attached to your glasses using the screwdriver. Then, secure new pads with the screws and you're done! At 2 millimeters, the pads in this kit are a little thicker, and reviewers rave about how comfortable they are.

What fans say: "First, the pads themselves are nice and soft. This is a great improvement over the plastic pads that had come with my glasses. Overall, a nice little package, and as pain-free as possible process to do the replacement."


You May Also Need: A Wax That Goes Directly On Your Frames

If you need a little extra support, this innovative wax stick stops your glasses from slipping altogether. Made from an all-natural beeswax blend, you can apply this wax directly to any frame or nose pad. Plus, one little tube of Nerdwax lasts up to eight months, making it totally worth the price. Reviewers love that this wax is unscented and easy to clean, and they insist that it's even more comfortable than some nose pads.

What fans say: "The wax goes on perfectly, with little effort. I find that it works very well too. It's more comfortable than the behind the ear hooks you can get to keep your glasses up too."

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