The 3 Best Quiet Blenders

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The sound of a noisy blender in the morning, or really any time, is hardly soothing. Fortunately, the best quiet blenders allow you to make your favorite recipes whenever you want — no ear plugs required. But while many brands claim to make quiet blenders, there are a few key things to look for when deciding which one is right for you.

First, remember that the term "quiet" is relative. A blender’s noise primarily comes from the motor base, blades, and the ingredients in the jar. If you blend ice or frozen fruit, expect more noise than if you blend soup. Since blender manufacturers rarely share decibel levels, I've combed the reviews to vet the blenders below on three criteria: performance, speed, and noise. While noise level should certainly be a factor, remember that the better and faster your blender breaks down ingredients, the less time you’ll have to run it.

Some quiet blenders have jars with special designs or double walls to muffle the sound. Others have enclosures to block out noise from the jar and blades. Aesthetically, these can look very distinct, so decide what design you prefer. While enclosures tend to work better (they physically block noise within a case, they can be a bit bulkier and are often more expensive.

No matter when your craving strikes, the best quiet blenders will help you make your favorite creations without fear of waking up the neighborhood. Read on for the three top quiet blender picks, below.


The Best Quiet Blender Under $200: Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender

The Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield blender offers a similar design as the Blendtec for considerably less. To create a quieter blending experience, the jar sits in a rubberized housing that helps reduce sound and vibration, and the plastic enclosure sits snugly on the motor base to block noise. The enclosure itself has a handle for ease of use, and can function as a pitcher for combining and serving batches of recipes. The 32-ounce jar is smaller than the other blenders on this list, but is still sufficient for making two to three servings of a smoothie, and pureeing approximately 4 cups of soup.

With four programmed settings (clean, puree, crush, and smoothie), and a variable speed dial, this blender offers versatility for making a wide range of recipes. The included tamper helps blend heavier, thicker recipes that would normally require additional liquid, but keep in mind that it can't be used when the enclosure is in place.

What reviewer say: “The quiet "shield" really does help cut down on the noise.”


The Best Quiet Blender Without An Enclosure: Breville Fresh & Furious Blender

When Breville redesigned one of their best-selling blenders, they optimized their blade and motor design for quieter performance. The Fresh & Furious delivers excellent blending results with less noise, and offers a more traditional look than quiet blenders with enclosures. The generous 48-ounce jar provides good blending capacity for larger recipes, but it doesn’t occupy too much counter space like other blenders. In addition to five common blending programs (mix, chop, blend, puree, and liquify), the Breville has three pre-set programs for tough tasks "Green Smoothie," "Auto Pulse Ice Crush," and "Smoothie," so you can be sure your fibrous or frozen ingredients get pulverized.

What reviewers say: “Most importantly, the blending result is very nice and smooth. The noise is also comparatively lower than my other more expensive blenders.”


The Best Quiet Blender Money Can Buy: Blendtec Professional 800 Blender With Sealed Sound Enclosure

This top-of-the-line blender from Blendtec doesn’t come cheap, but it’s the best quiet blender available for home use. Similar to what you would find in a restaurant kitchen or smoothie shop, this blender has a commercial-grade enclosure that muffles the noise of the blender. The 90-ounce, five-sided jar and sturdy stainless steel blade were designed to blend large-volume recipes quickly and efficiently. One important note: While the jar itself can hold 90 ounces, the blending capacity is 36 ounces with either wet or dry solids or liquids (still enough room for multiple servings at once).

When it comes to noise, the company claims that the enclosure allows you to blend while maintaining the volume of a conversation. Add to this the blending performance and versatility of the Blendtec, which has six pre-programmed cycles and 11 speeds for making recipes like smoothies, hot soups, frozen treats, dough, and flours. When you consider how many appliances it can replace, and its superior sound-buffering design, the Blendtec is a worthy investment.

What reviewers say: “Best blender I have ever used. I still can’t believe how quiet it really is.”

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