Anyway You Spin It, This Kitchen Gadget Will Help You Dry Your Lettuce & Fixings In No Time


Nothing beats fresh lettuce or greens purchased at the farmers market or grocery store, but unlike their prewashed, packaged counterparts, they need a thorough cleaning and drying before use. That's where owning a salad spinner can come in handy. But, given how many models there are (more than 500 options on Amazon alone!), narrowing your selection down to the very best-rated salad spinners can make it easier to find one that is tried, true, and won't break down after a few uses.

But, there are also some other factors — besides Amazon ratings — to keep in mind as you shop. When it comes to capacity, look for a spinner with a basket that holds between 4 and 6 quarts of greens. Though some brands offer compact spinners, if you’re prepping a lot of greens, you’ll be forced to do multiple batches.

How the salad spins not only impacts how well greens get dried, but can also affect the stability of the bowl. Some models offer a crank style, while others have a pull handle or a pump. Decide which operation you prefer for comfort and ease of use.

Lastly, the most versatile salad spinners have a transparent bowl that doubles as a serving piece so you can bring your freshly washed salad greens straight to the table. And with any kitchen tool, consider the clean-ability and whether it’s dishwasher safe.

Below are the three best-rated salad spinners for the cleanest, driest, and most recipe-ready greens.


The Overall Best Salad Spinner

With 4,600 Amazon reviews and counting, this 4.3-star-rated salad spinner from Oxo Good Grips has the most stable and ergonomic design of any on this list. That’s because the mechanical action happens directly in the center of the lid, which prevents the wobbling that can happen during spinning. The Oxo also has a small brake that, when pressed, stops the basket from spinning when you’re finished drying. With a lightweight basket just shy of 5 quarts, it offers generous capacity for rinsing greens or swishing them in the bowl filled with water. The transparent lid separates into two parts for easy cleaning and visibility. And while it’s easy to hand wash, the Oxo can also go in the dishwasher. The clear bowl is nice enough to bring to the table to serve from, and if you decide to store your washed and dried greens in the refrigerator, the pump can be locked down in a compressed position, giving it a lower profile. Unlike the other models here that have built-in strainers in their lids, the Oxo requires you to remove the basket to drain the bowl after drying, or to tilt the lid to allow water to escape. But that means you can use this salad spinner as a separate strainer for pastas or other foods as well.


The Best Salad Spinner For Big Batches

This salad spinner from Mueller has the largest capacity, measuring 5 liters, which translates to about 5.2 quarts. The pull-control functionality makes it unique, since many traditional salad spinners rely on a pull cord to operate the spinning function. Here, it’s a plastic piece with a grip that pulls out and retracts into the lid. Like the Oxo, there is a convenient brake on the lid to stop the spinning motion. While the Mueller’s basket is circular, the lid and bowl are square-shaped and lock firmly into place, allowing the basket to spin freely and reducing the risk of the spinner opening during operation. The square shape also offers some added stability, as do four rubber feet on the bottom of the bowl which grip to countertops. To make draining off gritty water easy, there is a perforated strainer conveniently integrated into the lid. And while the Mueller is technically dishwasher-safe, it’s best to hand wash and air dry the lid to prevent any mold or mildew from getting trapped inside. Best of all, it boasts a 4.9-star rating on Amazon with nearly 2,000 reviewers weighing in.


The Best Salad Spinner Under $20

This option from Cave Tools is the most affordable salad spinner here, but still offers a generous 4-quart basket for large-batch washing and drying. The basket spins with the help of an easy-grip turn knob on the lid, which is offset to allow the opposite hand to rest on the top of the spinner for added stability. At only 6 inches tall, this spinner has a low profile vertically, but for even more compact storage, try inverting the lid when it’s not in use so the knob doesn’t stick up. Like the Mueller, it has built-in slats in the lid for convenient draining after washing and drying. It also comes with a brake on the lid to stop the basket from spinning. Though it's dishwasher-safe, hand washing and air drying will ensure that it's less likely for mold or mildew to get trapped inside. For the price, it doesn't have quite as many reviewers backing it, but it still fares well with a 4.2-star rating on Amazon. As an added bonus, for those seeking some recipe inspiration, the Cave Tools salad spinner comes with a bonus 30 recipe cookbook.

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