The 3 Best Revolving Cake Stands


Whether you’re a seasoned baker, or have fallen under the spell of a cake or cupcake show, you know how challenging it is to create bakery-worthy iced cakes. A revolving cake stand is an indispensable tool for the job, but don’t assume that any old lazy Susan will do. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which of the best revolving cake stands to buy.

For the most precision, look for a cake stand with a turntable that smoothly rotates 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. The more control you have over the turntable, the easier it will be to keep a steady hand while icing, piping, smoothing, or creating more detailed designs.

Depending on your height and that of your work surface, you should look for a cake stand that is tall enough for comfortable frosting and detail work. But keep in mind, the base should be wide and, ideally, weighty, to provide the best stability. If you don’t already own a cake stand for serving your creations on, some are attractive enough to double as a work surface and display.

Many cake stands are sold individually, while others come with a suite of accessories to help home bakers get started or expand their repertoire. Think about what you’re looking to make, and if you have a need for any extras.

For simple frosted cakes or ornately-piped designs, the best revolving cake stands below make it easy for baker of all levels to turn out professional-quality confections at home.