The 3 Best Rotary Cheese Graters

Adding cheese to food is second nature to me. I love tossing on that last bit of flavor. My preferred — and arguably the most effective — cheese-adding method is with one of the best rotary cheese graters. Seriously. Forget about chopping chunks off a block or attempting to pinch just the right amount. We're talking about grating on that goodness.

I know you might be thinking, Are there really that many different types of cheese graters? And growing up in an Italian household, I can promise you two things: Yes, there are many. And no, not all cheese graters are the same.

Finding the best rotary cheese grater takes a little research, as you're looking for a convenient product that grates with ease and is built to last. You want a compact and dishwasher-safe grater with a sharp blade and large hopper (the built-in container where your finished cheese goes) and the ability to finesse cheeses of all sizes and textures.

This being said, I've turned the rotary wheels, researched the top brands, and read countless product reviews to find the best options on the market. Read on to shop my picks, and if you can't get enough cheese, peep the accessories every cheese aficionado needs.