These Genius Graters Are A Cheese Lovers' Dream — & Yes, You Should Get One

by Marisa Donnelly

Adding cheese to food is second nature to me. I love tossing on that last bit of flavor. My preferred — and arguably the most effective — cheese-adding method is with one of the best rotary cheese graters. Seriously. Forget about chopping chunks off a block or attempting to pinch just the right amount. We're talking about grating on that goodness.

I know you might be thinking, Are there really that many different types of cheese graters? And growing up in an Italian household, I can promise you two things: Yes, there are many. And no, not all cheese graters are the same.

Finding the best rotary cheese grater takes a little research, as you're looking for a convenient product that grates with ease and is built to last. You want a compact and dishwasher-safe grater with a sharp blade and large hopper (the built-in container where your finished cheese goes) and the ability to finesse cheeses of all sizes and textures.

This being said, I've turned the rotary wheels, researched the top brands, and read countless product reviews to find the best options on the market. Read on to shop my picks, and if you can't get enough cheese, peep the accessories every cheese aficionado needs.


The Overall Best Rotary Cheese Grater That's Handheld

For a handheld cheese grater that's efficient and easy to clean, opt for something like ZYLISS' NSF-restaurant-certified grater.

Why it's great: Its rotating wheel works for both left- and right-handed people, and, with a hopper that can hold up to a 1.5-inch block, it safely grates all types of cheese. Highly-rated by users, this one also comes with a five-year warranty from the brand.

What fans say: "If you are a frequent eater of cheese and have yet to own a rotary cheese grater, you are missing out BIG TIME! I love my new Zyliss cheese grater! It makes me actually want to eat more cheese on everything since my arms aren't tired for once! It shreds cheese in one grate style: thin, delicate strands. I personally like this shred because you can get a fluffy mountain of it to melt in your pasta in no time at all."


A Countertop Grater That Won't Budge

If you're someone who prefers a countertop grater for extra stability, this grater from SLC is a solid choice.

Why it's great: It has all the efficiency of a handheld option with a suction bottom to hold it in place. Plus, it's even more versatile than its handheld counterparts. Instead of a single grating drum, this option — which also boasts an extra-large hopper — has three: one for fine grating, one for coarse grating, and one for slicing. The grating drums are interchangeable and dishwasher safe, but, because it can't come apart, the unit itself is a tad messier.

What fans say: "I use this product constantly to shred block cheese. It will also finely slice vegetables or grate harder cheeses and/or spices. This is a substantial upgrade to the washboard style shredder/grater that I was using. This product is faster and more consistent than the old, dull cheese graters that I grew up with. It's super simple to clean."


A Great Alternative: A Basic Grater That Doesn't Skimp Options

For a drum-less (but still quality) option, go for something like this grater from Isabella Dora.

Why it's great: Though it's not technically a rotary cheese grater without rotating drums, it still does the job. With six sides — each featuring a different blade shape for everything from fine grating to slicing — it's just as dynamic as the rest. Plus, its top has a handle to ensure it won't budge as you grate, and its dishwasher-safe base is detachable for easy cleaning.

What fans say: "After several tries with less expensive graters that fell apart, we decided to invest in a quality product and this does not disappoint. It is especially impressive with hard cheeses like Parmesan."

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