The 3 Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints

Shutterstock/De Monstera Studio

If you love to run but suffer from shin splints, finding the right pair of running shoes can help make exercising more comfortable. According to Dr. Anthony Kouri, M.D., an orthopedic surgical resident at the University of Toledo Medical Center, there are two major factors runners should consider when searching for the best running shoes for shin splints.

First, a proper fit is paramount. Dr. Kouri tells Bustle, “To help prevent shin splints, or to alleviate the pain associated with shin splints, it is imperative to wear a proper fitting shoe. To get the right fit, first determine the shape of your foot using the ‘wet test.’ To do this, get your foot wet, then step onto a flattened brown paper bag. Look at the impression your foot makes. If it is flat, you will see an outline of the whole foot. If you have a high arch, you will only see the ball and heel of the foot. Once you have that information, you can find a pair of shoes that fits you best." Having a shoe that corresponds to your particular arches is a key way to avoid over-pronation, one of the main causes of shin splints.

In addition to the fit of your shoe, you're going to want to find one with ample support. Wearing supportive running shoes will reduce the stress on your shins. In fact, you may want to make sure your day-to-day shoes are supportive, as well. Dr. Kouri adds, "If you have flat feet, you may benefit from shoe inserts, or orthotics. If you are an over-pronator, you will benefit from a motion-controlled shoe."

Take a look below at the best running shoes for shin splints.