The 3 Best Sheets For Purple Mattresses


With a promise to be “comfy however you sleep,” the Purple mattress is designed to keep your body cool and in alignment while you rest. But in order to get the most out of this high-tech mattress brand, you need to use the right sheets. Due to its unique patented design, there are a few things to consider when purchasing the best sheets for your Purple mattress.

Beneath the Purple’s soft knit cover is a honeycomb-like grid that adapts to your body’s position, keeping your spine aligned and distributing weight evenly. For this pressure-reducing technology to work, your sheets need to be able to move with and conform to your body. If you were to use sheets with no “give” on a Purple mattress, you’d essentially create a tight layer on the surface of the mattress, thereby missing out on its benefits. Look for sheets that offer some flexibility or stretch so you can take advantage of all that the Purple has to offer.

For added comfort, you should look for sheets made from natural materials like cotton or bamboo. Overall, these materials offer the most breathability and will soften over time. You should avoid sheets made from synthetic materials, which are prone to pilling and can make you overheat at night.

The best sheets for Purple mattresses range in price and come in a variety of colors, but they will all deliver the best sleep experience possible on this innovative mattress.

The Overall Best Sheets For Purple Mattresses

Unsurprisingly, the very best sheets for the Purple mattress come from the Purple brand itself. Described by reviewers as stretchy and thin, the Purple sheets are designed to flex with your body while you sleep. Made from a blend of 10 percent spandex and 90 percent bamboo-derived viscose fabric, they offer breathability for cool and comfortable sleeping. The fitted sheet has deep pockets that accommodate mattresses up to 13 inches thick (since you can certainly purchase this sheet set for a non-Purple mattress). Though flexible, the sheets stay snugly in place with heavy-duty elastic, and are free from seams for added comfort.

What fans say: "I have a purple bed, these purple sheets make a huge difference in how the bed works. When you use regular sheets, they do not give enough when the bed gives, so you don't get the benefit of the bed conforming and supporting your body. The Purple sheets help you to receive the full benefits of the purple bed."

The Most Affordable Sheets For Purple Mattresses

To imagine what these sheets from Great Bay Home feel like, picture your favorite clothing item made from stretchy jersey cotton. The 80% cotton and jersey knit material of this affordable sheet set is actually recommended by Purple as a good alternative to their own branded sheets. Since cotton jersey is naturally soft and flexible, it conforms to your body and won’t interfere with the benefits of the Purple’s grid surface. With over 800 reviews, these sheets come in nine colors and patterns to match just about any bedroom decor.

What fans say: "They are nice and soft and not chilly like percale when you get into the bed. Just a bit of stretch which I needed in case anyone with a Purple mattress is reading this they work perfectly. I have ordered three sets."

The Most Luxe Sheets For Purple Mattresses

Like the Purple-branded sheets above, this sheet set from Oasis Fine Linens is made from rayon derived from bamboo. If the price gives you sticker shock, consider the fact that they’re designed to feel like 1,000-plus thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, some of the most luxurious sheets available. Since bamboo is naturally-wicking, these sheets will keep your body cool at night, which, combined with the Purple’s grid technology will all but guarantee maximum shut-eye. The fitted sheet is generously-sized to fit mattresses up to 22 inches deep, so you won’t have to worry about stretching it to fit too tightly over your Purple mattress. Available in seven soothing colors, the design is simple and timeless.

What fans say: "These are by far the nicest sheets we have ever slept in!! They are so soft and silkily smooth to the touch, and definitely keep us cool in the hot Texas summer nights. I can't rave about them enough!"

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